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Clippers owner banned for life over racist remarks


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US takes racism seriously. Even a billionaire owner can lose his team.

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The problem with Sterling was his known virulent racism and misogyny that dates back at least the early 1980's. The way he runs the large number of apartment complexes he owns in the Los Angeles area and the excessively frugal operations of the Los Angeles Clippers should have been a warning to NBA league offices that Sterling may not be best-suited as a team owner.

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More power to Commissioner Silver !

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Sterling was his known virulent racism

Exactly, nothing new. The guy has been a notorious racist since... ever. A few years ago, he lost suits for racial discrimination and racial slur as a team manager. At that time, the sponsors and the NBA were not bothered at all by his attitude. Isn't that weird ?

V. Stiviano

She's a genius in her genre.

More power to Commissioner Silver !

You mean power to twitter. Silver is Sterling's BFF and he says "In 30 years I had no idea what kind of person he was...". He only fell because his ex shamed him on the web. And as nobody can believe there is only one Sterling and he suddenly came out of the closet last week, the scandal concerns the whole NBA big boys club. Silver is trying to save his own face and that of the league.

But Silver works for the owners, and he will need 75% of them — if all 30 teams vote, he’ll need 23 on his side — to force Sterling out of the league completely.

Interesting. Probably in the next episode, Sterling will try to air all the dirty laundry involving other owners. Good luck to find 23 without big skeletons in their closet.

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It won't be by secret ballot. Any owner that doesn't vote for the forced sale will also be labeled a racist.

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CNN discussion panels speculated that his wife will take over the Clipper.

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Are these the same CNN guys who said that aliens were responsible for the disappearance of MH370? I'd be happy that Mrs. Sterling got the team, or anyone but Oprah.

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I like what Kareem Abdul Jabbar had to say on the subject.

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