Closing in on 3,000 hits, Suzuki is on the upswing at age 42


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I highly doubt any MLB team is going to take a player like Ichiro at his age and with his skill sets declining with age. He'd be better off back in Japan to finish his career.

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good story but, man, one quote from Ichiro himself would have been nice.

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Ichiro is a elite athlete blessed with the right genetics for his sport. Genetically gifted athletes have a greater response to training and will have a large increase in the number of mitochondria in cells. The mitochondria are organelles in cells that produce the ATP, so the more mitochondria a person has, and the more efficient they are. Even though genetics can have less influence over characteristics like balance, agility, reaction time and accuracy many of the skills can be improved with proper training. That is exactly what Ichiro has done. He has a great training routine, good nutrition and a positive mental attitude. Just remember. You will believe what you want to achieve, even if others say it's impossible. Whatever your mind can conceive and believe it can achieve. I wish Ichiro continued success in his baseball career.

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I was living in Washington state when he first started with the Mariners. For the 1st time I enthusiastically went to a bunch of Mariners games. It was so exciting to watch him play.

Ichiro deserves a HUGE amount of attention and respect not only for his consistent daily discipline of training but also something that has not been discussed much if at all.

Ichiro, unlike a lot of baseball players, has NEVER use Steroids or Human Growth Hormones or anything illegal to give him an unfair advantage like Alex Rodriguez, who in my opinion took away potentially more MVPs from Ichiro.

It's a no brainer that Ichiro Suzuki would be in the Hall of Fame (which I believe he already is).

Although I no longer get to watch him on TV I have recently kept abreast of his accomplishments thru the internet.

Ichiro, gambatte kudasai !!!

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