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College football coach denies telling players to commit fouls


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Unsportsmanlike conduct. Fire him.

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The hit on the QB after the rollout pass is way beyond a late hit. He might as well as walked up to him on the touchline and stamped on the back of his knee.

I'd ban the player for the season and investigate further. That hit is so bad that it is naturally suspicious.

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Preparation for match fixing later on.

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I wonder where the "Japanese news media" got the information that this dirty hit direction came from the head coach? No indication provided about that here. Would also be interesting to know whether there could be legal implications considering that the QB suffered serious injury due to the player's illegal hit.

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Holy Moly, that hit was even more blatant than Charles Martin's (Green Bay) hit on Jim McMahon (Chicago Bears) back in the 80s! Look it up on you tube and compare!

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I think there are grounds for treating that as plain assault, not a sports play.

For anyone who hasn't seen it:

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I wonder where the "Japanese news media" got the information that this dirty hit direction came from the head coach? No indication provided about that here.

Agree, seems a bit of an exaggeration/extrapolation. Having said that there are plenty of coaches out there (especially in contact sport) who encourage their players to play hard/dirty, 'smash' their opponents, 'nothing wrong with a late tackle/hit' etc.

Not saying it's what happened here but head coaches do tend to fire up their players a tad too much at times with rather intense pre-match pep talks.

In any case, players are ultimately responsible for their own actions & in this case it wasn't even a late hit but an act of aggression. Probably one of the worst brain-snap i have seen on a footy field.

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Really! We are now so politically correct that we are gunna pretend to be surprised when football players...yes football players deliberately injure each other???

How rude and unfair to shame one coach when literally every football player knows that they have to invent rules so that these guys don’t kill each other. It’s an extremely violent sport, with more injuries that even combat sports.

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What a non-story.

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Find out, from the players, if what the coach said is true, on the threat that if they are caught having lied later, the entire team will be banned for the season. If they insist the coach did not say it, ban only the player for the entirety of his university career, and put the team on probation. If he is said to have indeed said it, fire him.

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football coaches are known to do some bizarre stuff. remember there was a football coach in the US who had a bull castrated in front of his players in order to 'fire them up." this guy could have easily said something that could be taken the wrong way.

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Anyone who thinks football players and the whole sport in itself isn’t massively violent is deluded. Hits are celebrated and the taking out of other teams key players or punishing them physically is a part of the sport.

Go ahead and wish for it to be ballet all you want. Are you upset that fighters get KO’d?

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@thepersoniamnow, thing is it was a dirty/filthy/unacceptable off-the-ball tackle, nothing to do with football imo. There's a massive difference between 'playing hard' and assaulting another player.

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Hits like the one mentioned are common in American football, even at the high school level. It is what turned me off of football.

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The A hole in question:

Player 91, 宮川泰介 Miyakawa Taisuke

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The QB's linemen should had all ran back and leveled the guy after he did that - it's their job to protect their QB come what may

(Or at least the QB's teammates - it happened right in front of their own sideline!)

A low hit, especially an unexpected one (thus one can't brace himself for self-preservation) could end a career - that's why even Wide Receivers prefer being hit high and risk a concussion in the head, than be hit low and break bones or muscles in the legs

Imagine if that was a real game, for a blatantly late hit and unnecessary roughness, the offending guy's coach should be immediately mad at him for (a) earning the team big penalty yards for the late hit, and (b) costing the team a defensive lineman in the rotation for getting thrown out of the game, not to mention (c) it reflects badly on the team and on the university

(See NFL's Ndamukong Suh's dirty antics)

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In hockey, if you pulled a stunt like that you would pay a dear least in the good old days.

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I have to echo many of the comments here. When I played football in High School, if a player did that in a game against our team our coach would have put a hit man on him. Every play he would have been hit by someone. He would not have been able to play. The lineman would stand him up and a back would take him out from the side, bottom, top, or back. He would have had to leave the game. If you think I'm wrong you need to watch more football at the high school and college level.

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In hockey, if you pulled a stunt like that you would pay a dear least in the good old days.

Agree, same in rugby, league etc would have turned into an all-in brawl. Was actually surprised his teammates didn't react/confront the tackler. Poor team spirit imo.

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Am well aware that it was dirty and not nice. My point is...this stuff goes on in football ALL THE TIME!

Its a thing! Its part of the game like it or not, non athletes down voting me or not, any ex football player knows what Im talkin about.

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