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Coach says Olympics next goal for Nadeshiko Japan


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I don't think they need to worry about qualifying. Just play well, young women! And I won't call you that 'pink' name. You're footballers, every one of you, and you deserve to be respected for that, not for some ages-old sexist reference. Work hard, prosper, to paraphrase a more widely known quote. I, for one, believe in you.

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“In the U.S., a lot of girls are registered in soccer programs that’s not the case in Japan. We need to increase the level and the quality in Japan.”

This is pretty accurate. Women's soccer has been growing for quite some time in America. There are tons of girls playing soccer in high school and in college. Japan, on the other hand, needs to offer more soccer programs for girls.

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Our girls tried their best. My heart goes out to them all. This loss will only galvanize their efforts next time. Yesterday was a game if men vs girls . It was embarrassing .

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They need to qualify for that? World cup finalist and asian champions should be a free pass. But they will need to bring in some new players and give them practice, so its all good I guess.

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Interesting, in the U.S. papers he was quoted as saying his team was "embarrassed". IMO, Sasaki needs to up his game if Japan is going to rise above their current rank. He was clearly out-coached in Sunday's final -- the U.S. coaches dissected the Japanese defense, and put together set pieces specifically to attack their weaknesses. Three of the four goals came off corner kicks. He has to know the other teams in Asia will study the film of the game, and Japan needs to "develop our strategies and tactics to battle against them", as he says.

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The reason US women soccer team was able to defeat Japan women soccer team because of a good coach from England. Sasaki can be that type of coach, but some big changes have to be made. Thank you.

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