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Coe divides Olympic movement with prize money move

By Pirate IRWIN

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If this small amount of money wasn't going to the athletes, then the fact is it would go directly into the pockets of officials. So, at least some athletes are getting a tiny slice of the pie.

While some Olympians like golfers and tennis players are fully sponsored multi-millionaires, others from minor sports are actually largely self-funded.

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Seb Cor an egotistical idiot. He cares about two thigs, cash and himself.

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Sir Coe is a self serving politician. Mr Payne knows very well his election as IOC President is already assured as part of a deal where Mr Bach and Mr Coates got Brisbane appointed as 2032 host city with Sir Coe’s support.

But he fears a public backlash so he tried to get popular support from athletes and managers with this proposal. In the Olympics, athletics is still the leading sport with swimming second.

Sir Coe, as Mr Payne says, is very much aware that the IOC elected members choose the next President but he has enough of those in his pocket with the support of Mr Bach and Mr Coates. And many of those members are ex athletes.

what he can not afford is scrutiny on the Brisbane deal. So, he needs distractions.

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I think it is naive to assume that Olympians in this day and age are true amateurs, especially in the high-profile sports. The big-name athletes, which is especially applicable to track events are making a fortune on endorsement deals, especially if they win medals. Full-time athletes are rife, and have been a long time, including in Japan. Just think of the tennis players and footballers, some of which are millionaires from their sport. The difference here is that the money is coming from the Olympic organization itself. It is problematic because it will go only further cause disparity between the major and minor sports, which struggle to get funding anyway. It's a shame that the Olympics has come to this, but it is nothing new at all.

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If they won they deserve it? I don't understand the point of having a "what about us?" mentality? Not every athlete signs a contract that pays as well as Jordan or Ohtani but that doesn't mean they will decline signing or playing the sport otherwise it short sheets the best players and feels like everyone is getting the mandatory participation bonus

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Money money money! Not for honor, but for money!!! The Olympic spirit lives on!

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