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Coe vows London will not be 'siege city' for Olympics


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I don't know about most of you, but in today's crazy world I want to see lots of security if I was attending the Olympics in London. It's not like they are free from terrorist attacks. I was at the Atlanta back in 1996 when some idiot name Eric Rudolf set off a bomb in Centennial Park. I say bring on the Siege because the Games have a big target on its back.

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I vote for a safe Games. And in these times more security is better than less. HAPPY 2012.

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Hmmm! A tale of two Olympic cities, London and Rio. Both suffer large populations of poor, violent, disgruntled people who like to riot, loot and commit acts of mindless violence. Anything but hold a job. Which city will do a better job of containing these animals during their Olympic Games? London and her omnipresent cameras, but limp-wristed response or Rio with her clubs and machine guns? My vote is with Rio and her battle tested death squads. London will probably burn.

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Bit harsh there, Bebert! I lived in London 10 years ago for 2 years and never was the victim of any crime. I've been told things have deteriorated quite a bit with near total unemployment in suburbs, however I wouldn't compare the violence levels to Rio. Sure- many parts are run-down slums full of dirt-poor people and beggars - but the only violence I used to witness was in the pubs. I reckon they will do a decent job but not match the best Olympics ever - Sydney 2000.

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