Olympic athletes ponder what might've been in Tokyo


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A fan-less Olympics beats no Olympics at all.

Not to the Mori and the JOC, they NEED the ticket sales to break even!

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Symbol wasn't allowed in my last post

Cutting your losses IS BETTER than losing everything.

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The boycotted 1980 Summer Olympics in Moscow resulted in many athletes becoming depressed, having trained all their lives for nothing. Interesting book called, "Boycott" by Jerry Caraccioli and Tom Caraccioli is a good read.

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Don’t cry over spilled milk.

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Too bad japan lost it's chance to win lots of home field advantage medals. With the cancellation of the olympics next year too, the lost out on many many gold medals. so sad

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So many athletes worldwide trained for years to attend the Olympics, this doesn't just affect Japan. People worldwide have been affected and suffering as well.

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If the virus has been mostly contained and the games are to go ahead, I would suggest spreading the events around the country like they do in the world cup (football, rugby etc). Have a Japan olympics instead of Tokyo olympics to encourage social distancing and avoid mega crowds in an olympic village full of people from every country in the world. Would be good for the smaller towns struggling this year with no tourism.

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