Confusion over 2020 Olympic golf venue dates back to bid

By Elaine Lies

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A Kasumigaseki Country Club official confirmed to NHK that the club had been warned but said it had replied: “If this becomes a problem, we will have a mutual discussion at that time. We did not say we would fix things.”

If this becomes a problem? So you couldn't tell that it was bound to become a problem? And now there will be internal discussions...Just move the venue to some other place already. If they really wanted to host the tournament, they could have changed things long ago...

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Quoting information given to the government in 2012, NHK added that the bid committee member was told by the club that it would “fix things” and thinking the issue was resolved, opted not to mention the policy in documents prepared in English.

If you "assume" things will eventually maybe be changed in the future, no need to tell anyone about the actual real situation. Omit the unpleasantness. Get the approval. Case closed. Oh, wait, the International federation isn't Japanese; they might want to know the truth. Oops.

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This confusion has resulted because Kasumigaseki knowingly left out the details at issue - they are unfamiliar with the term 'full disclosure'. This 'nuisance' is their own doing and they just want the prestige without the 21st century responsibilities.

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Lots of old men sucking teeth wondering how they can implement a very temporary admission of women and then kick out any who might have the temerity to join after the Olympics are over.

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this is called corruption in plain view... the only reason they have received the bid is "kasumigaseki" which basically amounts to old male bureaucrats hang out space ( probably not much golf even going on there ) they thought to cash out a bid and now getting shot.. if tokyo gov is proper and serious, bid should be cancelled immediately with no recourse or compensation .. but that would never happen in Japan where gov corruption is the way of life

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Jeez... I really, really don't see what the problem is. Take it away from them. PERIOD. They lied on the paperwork, and even if they admit to the lying and apologize, their practices are still sexist and have no place in the modern world. They are a private club, so if they insist on keeping said sexist practices that is, while I'm against it, their right according to the laws here, but that should exclude them from ANY national or international sporting events that involve both sexes. It is discriminatory, plain and simple. So what's the problem?

Sure, and old sexist codger Mori says deciding on the issue is "a nuisance" and it's better to put it off until too late, keeping the same sexist practice -- but he should have never been designated his amakudari position to begin with. It is NOT a difficult decision. Take it away from the club, NOW. No more "We'll think about it," no more panels to discuss it, take it away.

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