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Containing virus in Tokyo prerequisite for hosting Olympics: Koike


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According to some latest news I read, a vaccine can be probably ready end of this year.

If that is really correct, then I think the Tokyo Olympics can be safe.

Today's cases in Tokyo are 370 or something like that.

Like I said before, cases fall, cases rise.

This will continue until a vaccine is found.

Without a vaccine, the Tokyo Olympics can never be safe!

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We are free to dream!

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There you have it. This is essentially the same as saying the Olympics are cancelled.

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@Larr Flint

Yes I think what you said is correct about mutation of the Virus.

Therefore I think, that a vaccination for the COVID 19 will be similar to the Influenza vaccination. You have to repeat it every year.

I am not a medical expert, so I don't know if all the medical news you can get around the media about vaccines are correct or not. And further on, I don't understand that medical content.

But for the Olympics, without any vaccine or at least a successful medicine for treatment...the Olympics are over.

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Koike said she plans to swiftly introduce an ordinance that would mandate the display of stickers certifying that stores or business operators have been carrying out measures against infection.

Stickers! Brilliant. Quick, somebody tell the rest of the world we have a solution to beat covid... Stickers!

"We want to create a situation in which people feel it is safe to visit Tokyo," she said.

No surprises here. The goal is to make people "feel safe". You don't care so much whether people will actually "be safe". The smoke an mirrors continue.

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@Monty, even if that were remotely accurate, it would be hardly possible to produce and administer that many dosses in such a short time frame, and no one is going to rush something like that just for the Olympics sake.

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"We want to create a situation in which people feel it is safe to visit Tokyo," [Koike] said.

Good luck with that!!

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Nothing to worry about, the government will just fake the reported numbers and say it is contained and no one will dare to question them anyways.

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Koike said that with the stickers, the metropolitan government will urge businesses to state unequivocally that they are taking measures against the virus.

The stickers have been downloaded 70,000 times from the metropolitan government website, according to the governor.

So they will not distribute the stickers to business which effectively are carrying measure against the infection neither will they control if the business putting on the stickers are effectively carrying measure against infection.

So, if I have a business, I can just download the sticker and put it on, no matter what I do or not.

Koike said she plans to swiftly introduce an ordinance that would mandate the display of stickers certifying that stores or business operators have been carrying out measures against infection.

And putting the stickers will be mandatory but not actually carrying measure.

Did the one which has such a good idea fall asleep during the last part of the lecture ? The stickers are to be used with actual control and certification not just distributed to anybody.

You already have a bunch of law you can use like stuff related to health and safety.

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I'll remember her words next year.

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"Containing the new coronavirus inside the capital is a prerequisite" for hosting the event, she said. "We need to take into account situations in each country, but we will steadily take measures here."

Koike is a genius! Where does she come up with such brilliant ideas! How come no one else has ever thought of these things!?!?!?

Stickers! Brilliant. Quick, somebody tell the rest of the world we have a solution to beat covid... Stickers!

I agree, I really need some of them stickers! Nothing kills viruses like stickers!

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We're more than midway through 2020 with no slowing of COVID in sight. Best to cut losses and cancel the Olympics, rather than setting more money on fire while the global economy is heading even deeper into the worst recession most of us have ever witnessed.

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KC & The Sunshine Band said it best: "Give it up, give it up, baby give it up!"

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"I understand things will proceed in a way that related parties will be content,"

No. What you are sure of is that you have decided you want your legacy to include the Games, come hell or high water, and at the expense of human lives. So, you are saying you are satisfied, and therefore everyone else should be, too.

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Pertaining to the virus mutating.

@Larr Flint.

There is not thinking involved the virus has mutated already.

It’s only a tiny change. At some point early in the pandemic, one of the 30,000 letters in the genome of SARS-CoV-2 changed from an A to a G. Today, that mutation, at position 23,403, has spread around the world. It is found in the vast majority of newly sequenced viruses and has become the center of a burning scientific question: Has the mutation become so common because it helps the virus spread faster? Or is it just coincidence? Well we know today that virus does spread faster off a mutation.

More than 7 months into the pandemic, the virus’ potential to evolve in a nastier direction—or, if we’re lucky, become more benign—is unclear. I am not a medical expert but I do tons of reading. I am looking forward to Dr. Li-Meng Yans report. She is one the first to study this Virus she has vehemently stated the virus is of not of natural origin. That her report will directly implicate the corona-virus is linked to 5G technology. Its a bio weapon. Thats my opinion and mine alone.

Now, not that matters at this point. But if the virus mutates and mutates over and over again in genome amino acid codes. What this means we may never have ever a final cure. Its going to take a massive effort just to get this under control. The burning question is.  Was it released on purpose to gain economic and strategic leverage on the world stage as worlds number 1 economy? Or did it just leak out of the containment area and China tried to play catch up and contain?

Then China moved too cover up the truth. As far as the Tokyo Olympics is concerned?

How about we just worry about getting those suffering from this virus in Japan healthy again.Save the ones we can. I love Japan and my country where as of today 150,000 have died. 150!

I can live with out knowing what countries have best athletes. Japan will just have eat the cost and the loss. Shouganai. Lock down Tokyo this time. Really! Lock that bad boy of city down. Trains highways only allowing bare necessities to to let folks eat and get medical treatment. Those that can work. Then work. Those that can not. Stay home and distance. We are all going to have to do our part in this.

I do not know how the rest of you readers feel. But I have been paying through the nose as a single very successful guy in Japan in taxes.

Lets get the help where it needs to be and watch out for scammers.

Japan government workers! You know you have the money to help those that need it most. The country is filled with some of the smartest scientists in the world. You guys need to get on the same team and guide the public to ensure the best public safety measures. Which is? Do not spread it!

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Tokyo's got about 6 months to rid its of Covid19 I reckon.

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She should say "containing the virus in the WORLD is a prerequisite".

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To the notion the virus has mutated, which it has not. It has been determined there is a variance, the result of actual scientific inquiry & research. A variance is not a mutation.

Some of the commercial vaccine manufacturers engaged in the development of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates have either completed, or are in the process of, conducting early phase clinical trials and approached respective National Regulatory Authorities (NRA) with their proposals for Phase 3 clinical trials to demonstrate the efficacy of their vaccines.

RNA vaccines are helping researchers to create and test vaccine candidates at breakneck speed. Anthony Fauci, director of the NIAID, told a congressional committee on 23 June that he is “cautiously optimistic” that there will be a working vaccine by early 2021. Vaccinologists who spoke to Nature echo that sentiment — although they say that the first vaccines might not be the best possible designs, and improved versions are likely to come later. Many of the vaccines already in development have potential to become those second-generation vaccines. Several groups are applying structure- and computer-based analyses of the interactions between the immune system and viral antigens, the parts of viruses that provoke an immune response. These techniques have already been tried against numerous pathogens, and are now being applied to SARS-CoV-2.

As for vaccines in development: there is:

An rVSV–vector platformed vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, using spike (S) protein as an antigenic target; a mRNA-1273, a lipid nanoparticle-encapsulated mRNA vaccine that encodes a full-length, prefusion stabilized spike (S) protein of SARS-CoV-2

An mRNA platform that is similarly focused on lipid nanoparticle-encapsulated mRNA that encodes for SARS-CoV-2 spike (S) protein.

An rVSV–vector platformed vaccine against SARS-CoV-2, using spike (S) protein as an antigenic target.

With all these vaccines, efficacy—as defined by robust and durable immunogenic response—will be the key metric of success. Without long-lasting immunity that persists season to season, the capacity of any candidate vaccine to effect community transmission will be limited. In addition, safety will be an equally important second metric. All candidates are undergoing rigorous investigation of their safety profile, inclusive of unintended adverse events. In the setting of accelerated vaccine development timelines, robust safety monitoring will be crucial in setting a foundation of public trust in the ultimately successful candidate vaccine.

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause significant disruption to both the physical and economic health of the world’s population, pathways of vaccine development are adapting in ways that could not have been predicted even a year ago. The rapid identification of immunogenic targets of a novel coronavirus, the leveraging of experimental vaccine platforms, and the tragic nature of an ongoing pandemic have created a fertile breeding ground for innovation. Although the ultimate success of a vaccine candidate, or candidates, remains unknown, the changes in the field of vaccinology that these exigent circumstances have brought are likely here to stay.

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I think it would be wise to use the opportunity to ask the Chinese Government to recognize the Senkaku islands to be Japanese territory before the Olympics starts. And if the Chinese Government fails to sign up for this request, just deny the visas for the Chinese delegation. I am sure that is the kind of language the Chinese communist bullies understand!

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