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Controversial Japanese World Cup ref hits back at critics


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He did good job. Blame Brazil player for dirty trick

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Referees are only human, they can make mistakes but they do their job to the best of their abilities. But soccer has been a focal point of national animosity so I'm at least glad he's being articulate and well-mannered in way we should expect of referees and athletes never mind Japanese.

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I wouldn't say he's the worst ref by any means, but he clearly made some bad calls that resulted in Croatia's loss. And apparently he's made some pretty bad calls in the past as well.

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“I was prepared for (criticism) before the match,” the 42-year-old Nishimura told a news conference in his first comments since the game. “That’s all part of the job.”

meaning he was confident of making wrong calls (?)

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He was in way over his head and choked. Referees make mistakes too, and he should man-up and admit it.

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Still think he was dead right regarding the penalty.

Most refs would have given it given a clear view and time to think.

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let's be honest - the state of refereeing in Japan for international sports is pretty abysmal.

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IMO, it was wrong of the Croatian players and/or fans to get rude with him at the airport. It is easier to blame the ref than it is to take personal responsibility for bad playing, but that doesn't make it right.

I think that in matches such as these, of so much import, it would be an improvement to have more refs on the field. It may save money to have only one ref, but nowadays money is not an issue in the international cups. The sport has become much too violent in recent decades, and having only one ref contributes to the temptation to resort to inappropriate behavior on the pitch.

It might also be useful if the ref could view the instant replays, when he wants to.

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jexus,a 3rd world soccer country like japan loses in the first round and the poor japanese are shocked into reality that they suck. get the f over it for gods sake. jeez, ud think japan invented soccer or something. stick to what u know best japan, drooling over 14 year old schoolgirls

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