Corinthians beats Chelsea 1-0 in Club World Cup final


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A great game and clearly the better team tonight won. Chelsea couldn't connection their pass whereas the Corinthians seemed to have the balled tied to their feet. I thought Torres was going to cry a few times. I'm sure some fans will claim bad calls but I thought the reffing was good considering how testy it got a few times.

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Haha, betcha nobody would recognize the Corinthian players in a J-cafe!

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Well no surprise here that Chelsea got schooled or that Torres choked on a clutch shot. What else would you expect from a squad that couldn't even make it past the group stage of the current Champions League? There now should be no one left that doesn't think Chelsea won the CL last year on sheer dumb luck.

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applause for Corithians.

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I'll just say that I think that Chelsea won the European Cup on more than dumb luck.

Chelsea have got all sorts of problems at the club right now and were disadvantaged in this tournament by several factors.

Fair play to Corinthians though. They were well organised and hell bent on winning the competition. And their fans could show all European clubs fans a lot about fanatical support."

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@ USNinJapan2

"Chelsea won the CL last year on sheer dumb luck."

Not just that. The guy who scored, grew up playing for the second Team of Bayern Munich.

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And the icing on the cake is that Corinthians' Guerrero is a lifelong Manchester United fan and dedicated his goal to them. : )

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And Manchester United get mentioned by a 'soccer fan'. Oh well, nothing worth reading about football around here.

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Correction, not a soccer fan, a Yank.

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As in all Toyota Cup finals ... a great game. I have seen most of the Toyota Cup games played at Tokyo's National Stadium and have watched the ones at Yokohama Stadium via TV. Always top-class soccer at its best. Not only did the Corinthians play outstanding soccer, but so did Monterrey of Mexico in downing Egypt's Al-Ahly 2-0 for third place. And the losing teams, Chelsea and Al-Ahly, played well, too. These teams, and the ones that lost in the earlier rounds, showed why they are winners in their respective leagues. Soccer ... or as the British say, football ... at its best ...

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And Manchester United get mentioned by a 'soccer fan'. Oh well, nothing worth reading about football around here.

Correction, not a soccer fan, a Yank.

If my comments aren't worth reading, then don't. Of course they did induce you to comment on them, twice.

You Brits (assuming) really crack me up. What's this monopoly you seem to believe you have on football/soccer? I played soccer all my years as a youth through college and love the game. Being of English descent my family is originally from Manchester and I still have relatives there, some of whom are Reds like me. I may not hold season tickets or live close enough to be at Old Trafford every single season, but I think I have plenty of reasons why I should support a team like United, not that I need any. So United are winners, they're legendary, so what? That's supposed to somehow devalue my allegiance to them? How about the fact that I'm a stock holder? Is that better or worse in your eyes? I also support DC United in the MLS because my American home is Virginia but the old gripe you 'locals' use time and time again that you shouldn't support a team if you're not from there is to use your vocab, bollocks. You may happen to support only your local lower-tiered side and are not a supporter of a top flight team, but if you're not, and are a fan of Chelsea, City, Arsenal, Liverpool, etc. then you may want to reconsider your disdain for foreign fans in light of the fact that your team is comprised (sometimes mostly) of foreign players and that the Premier League IMO is the most competitive, dynamic and fun league to watch because of it's foreign talent and fan base. Instead of making snide remarks about us foreign fans, yes even Americans, that help you feel somehow superior for having been born in Manchester, or London, or wherever, you should be pleased and flattered by the fact that foreigners are so interested in your teams and be grateful that wherever you go in the world there's a good chance that you'll find local non-expat supporters to share a pint with you while cheering on your side back home.

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The Premier league is crap and is poor entertainment since being bought by Rupert Murdoch. Strange the foreign "fans" almost always support a team at the top of the premier, One of the problems of English football is the money, the celeb players and glory hunter fans. The glory hunters don't stay fans if the teams hits hard times, what happened to all those Blackburn and Leeds fans from years ago? What about when Chelsea were poor? Not much of a fan base then.

And USNinJapan2 has hit the mail on the head, these people are fans, like a little girl is a fan who loves Bieber because he is the in thing, not supporters who are loyal through thick or thin.

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100% right - I hate this notion that just because someone is American they can't understand football. Try telling that to someone like Grant Wahl, who's knowledge of the game would put many English hacks writing about football for the tabloids to shame.

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Virginia, huh? That's actually pretty close to Old Trafford for a United fan these days... ; )

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Well Virginia was a former colony and is still a commonwealth. Doesn't that count for something? : )

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THAT was good football?????

Whenever you have the time, watch Barcelona or Bayern play? Both teams would have beating any of the finalists with the reserve....

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