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San Diego Padres' Yu Darvish pitches during a spring training game against the Kansas City Royals on March 7. Image: AP/Sue Ogrocki

Darvish speaks out about anti-Asian racism in America


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 Yuli Gurriel made a racist gesture mocking Darvish...

Gourriel is Cuban (who also played in Japan.) Maybe Darvish could have expressed concern on racist attitudes throughout the world including among the Cubans, who are products of a multi-cultural society?

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45 has a lot to answer for. As do his followers who swallowed his bigotry and lies.

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45 has a lot to answer for. As do his followers who swallowed his bigotry and lies.

Do you have proof or just promulgating rhetoric?

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Gurriel was caught on camera in the dugout appearing to stretch the corners of his eyes out in a mocking mimic of an Asian person's visage. 

In mocking Asian people, is this Guriel loser trying to claim he is of some "superior" background to Asians? I just googled him... superior he is certainly not. Horrible. Neither is his dreadful nation, Cuba.

End this anti-Asian racism. NOW.

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Do you have proof or just promulgating rhetoric?

There are news stories of Trump supporters performing what are called "racist actions". Just because we don't see every slur yelled out a car window or drinks thrown at a pedestrian or nasty email/tweet, doesn't mean that someone isn't getting them nor does it mean that bolder anti-white actions weren't taken with .45 took office - you know - all those "fine people" who aren't allowed to be called racists.

At the end of this year, there should be new FBI statistics about hate crimes.

https://www.fbi.gov/services/cjis/ucr/hate-crime has links to data from 2019 and earlier. It is only reported crimes. I'll grab the numbers from 2014-2019 for Asians in America.

Year Motivation Incidents Offenses Victims Known offenders

2019 Anti-Asian 158      205     215    153

2018 Anti-Asian 148      171     177    125

2017 Anti-Asian 131      152     165    108

2016 Anti-Asian 113      131     137    123

2015 Anti-Asian 111      132     136    108

2014 Anti-Asian 140      168     201    187

Hope that works to line things up, but I doubt it without a fixed-width font.

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Yuli Gurriel is no oil painting himself.

I'm glad Darvish had something to say about this unlike some others.

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Four years of Trump have only made things worse, including anti-Asian hate crimes. Interestingly, even among my many friends who like Trump, I know none of them who hold with anti-Asian talk or actions.

On the news over here there has been a lot of talk about the 76-year-old Chinese grandmother who beat up her 49-year-old white attacker in San Francisco. When the police showed up they had to restrain her, to keep her from hitting him even more. Too bad that sort of thing doesn't happen to every crazy fool who attacks old Asians on the street.

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Good on him and I truly hate to see any kind of discrimination. Trump really fanned the flames against all minorities and I have been really upset to see a lot of other minorities perpetrating crimes against Asians. It's gotten really bad in my hometown of NYC. It's 2021 but it seems like the world has not progressed at all. We have smartphones and stupid people all over the place.

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Why brag about your colors?

Asian or not?

Stick to your business, baseball.

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Toasted HereticToday  07:09 am JST

45 has a lot to answer for. As do his followers who swallowed his bigotry and lies.

Baseball is popular in Japan and American teams have had Japanese players in them for quite some time. And the boorish TrashTrump the Chump has the blood of over half a million Americans due to his denials, racism and sassymouth. His immature 'kung flu' jokes aren't funny and they haven't helped at all. Of course he and his sheeple just lump all peoples from the Orient (Chinese, Japanese, Koreans, etc.) as the same anyway because they're ignorant and stupid.

Actions like what Yuli Gurriel had done are just idiotic and even with the CoVid going on that's no excuse to bash or make fun of Oriental Far Eastern people because they don't deserve this hate crap.

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USA was found on racial genocide and it's culture breeds stupid people, not only white racists, latinos and blacks too

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President Donald Trump stoked resentment by repeatedly labeling the coronavirus as the "China Virus."

He didn’t call it the Chinese Virus, but the China Virus.

Of course, maybe his supporters were too thick to note the difference.

It was commented to me the other day that there is lots of talk about the South Africa mutation and the English mutation of the virus, so it is strange that it is not allowed to refer to the original virus as the China one. I felt it was a logical argument, if not a politically correct one.

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Are you targeting me moderator? again I ask, what is wrong with my comment that is not wrong with any other comment here??

Say Mr. @Seth M's comment.. nothing to do with the article really, is it? and is is full of hatred and bigotry. so??

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These forums have become slugfests of who can give out the most crap out in to the world.

YOU are part-takers on the decline and decadence of this world. Or do you actually think your pandering, name calling, bigotry, biased blanket judgement towards large groups of people (be them blue, red, white, yellow or black) makes you any better than the people you try to decry by them. HOW self ignorant and SELF servicing are you?? Just trying to strike and keep a pose so be self righteous. Lame. Actually trying to make a difference would have you FIRST trying to understand your fellow human being, because whatever belief, credence or idiocy they have is so because of their history, background, baggage and conditioning done by them or onto them by institutions and a bunch of other most likely egoistic and nihilistic people. I order to be understood seek first to understand deeply.

Secondly, so many Trump haters just waiting and opportunity to throw his name to trash it.

Like the first one today:

@Toasted HereticToday 07:09 am JST

45 has a lot to answer for. As do his followers who swallowed his bigotry and lies.

What irresponsible, dereliction it shows.

Where exactly so you get your information? You certainly got all that from CNN, MSNBC and co. Right?

Ever saw one of his early year interviews (when he first became a tycoon) and the subsequent ones, he has been such a consistent person in his views, principles and values. You say he is racist, but you don't even know what racism is anymore. If so Biden is 10 times more racist, just watch some of his selected clips, where he clearly goes more overboard than Trump, and more importantly Biden is talking seriously and candidly, not like Trump who uses hyperbole to make a point ("Mexicans crossing the border are criminals, rapists and murderers" he said... of course not all of them are, but to stress the point that what matters IS that those people are crossing freely as well!!), if you ARE actually American living in a border town... What do you prefer, that your President emphasizes and correctly highlights the fact that criminals enter your community, or that he stays politically correct to protect the swaths of illegals entering your community. "Come on, man!" to quote your Biden.

If you can't see the difference, there is no hope for you.

Biden is far worse that Trump, otherwise why they keep him away of the press and mics?? Blunder machine. 

None of us should care about colors of skin, of creed, or political affiliation, JUST about our character, our suffering, our humanness, our internal experience NOT dominating our judgement of the outside world and our merits of transforming the crap in the world into something better. To the degree in which we do that instead of pouring more crap into the world should be our measuring stick.

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Do people really want folks like Darvish to just shut up and play?

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Gurriel was caught on camera in the dugout appearing to stretch the corners of his eyes out in a mocking mimic of an Asian person's visage. He received a five-game suspension as punishment.

The dirty little secret about incidents like these is that they mostly occur in Progressive cities and towns and it isn’t white people that are the harassers. We are left with the implication that white supremacists are running rampant across America when there is nothing further from the truth.

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As the stats person around here, can you please find these statistics:

Race of attacker, which party attacker voted for, location of attacks, % of attackers wearing red caps, attack location's crime rate and attack location mayor's party. Also pull up the statistics for this year since we have a new regime. Thanks in advance!

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