Corruption revealed in Japanese kendo association


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And next week, it’ll be aikido, then soccer, then volleyball, then .......

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Yet one would think that anyone truly into this sport would know whether or not their opponent was truly worthy of the rank that they achieved. It's not like they are "paper-drivers".

Really its sad, pay out that much cash and still get turned down.

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Business as usual!

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Endless corruption, endlessly.

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"The federation said it was unable to obtain evidence supporting the man's claim through its own probe."

Hahaha... I love it.

Association: "I'm sorry, but we couldn't find proof against ourselves... oh, but we take it seriously."


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endless corruption in every country

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The federation also imposed penalties on those involved in the cases, including suspensions of their membership and rank, but not on those who admitted to the allegations and had shown remorse, it said.

So, just bow and say regretful in a sentence

The committee that received the complaint has asked the Japan Olympic Committee and the Japan Sport Association to look into the matter.

I wonder if they're on the same whoops-I-got-caught (tm) Japan Inc. accountability system, or an international one that requires dismissals and fraud charges?

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Is there any Japanese association without corruption?

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Another corrupt Japanese organization? Move along people. Nothing new to see hear!

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Who's left that's clean? Also recall in Judo, the 2018 Grand Slam Düsseldorf final saw the two Japanese finalists disqualified. No Gold medals were rewarded either!

And now Kendo / Iaido has questions.

It's two years away from the Olympics but the hits keep on increasing not decreasing. What will it be tomorrow? Why this surge of corruption in sports? That would be a useful news investigation

Who can apply the pressure and tact necessary to turn it around?

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i imagine there’s gunna be quite a few people sleeping not so soundly now that all this stuff is finally coming out. Probably standard policy and across the board ; until now. ‘How does one actually run a federation without it becoming corrupt? ‘ is what will be the question over the coming years. SNS ushering in a new era! Bring it! A hierarchy of competence, just imagine what that would look like, a real one! A healthy goal to strive towards and worth the struggle.

The reap what you sow lesson .

By the fruits you shall know them.

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Well, since corruption has been revealed in Sumo, Judo, Kendo and no doubt the rest...maybe " corruption should be declared as THE national sport here. Should do well at the Olympics

Heck take it to the next level and apply to have it listed by UNESCO as Japan,s next intangible heritage.

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Is there any Japanese association without corruption?

Is that a trick question :)?

We foreigners just dont get the culture here, thats all.

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A little Corruption never hurt anyone right!

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One more incident of corruption in amateur sport isn't a surprise after that one of boxing. But, I really hate those guys the same of some politicians be involved to build schools, facilities and foundations. From the top leaders doing that it's just rippled wherever it could go, from that normalized past no one can stop 'til it turn out to be scandals.

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I hope the Japanese origami association is clean.

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What is the incentive for these bribes on the part of those giving them? Does passing these exams enable them to earn money as trainers or something? I understand the incentives in Sumo where there is a lot of money at stake for rikishi, but I didn’t think kendo had as much of that (and I had never heard of Isidore before).

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Make that never heard of iaido before, stupid auto correct.

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