Nadal survives Wimbledon scare as COVID forces Berrettini out; Serena loses


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Well Serena, age catches up with all of us. Time to make a strategic withdrawal from tennis. Don't let ego interfere with common sense.

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While there is no obligation to test, and most athletes at Wimbledon are vaccinated and far from being at risk, Berrettini acted in a very responsible way and self-tested after the first symptoms, renouncing to the world’s top tennis event where he was among the top 2-3 candidates for winning.

I have tons of colleagues and friends who clearly had covid in Japan but never tested for fear of being stigmatized and, god forbid, lose a day at work, where they kept going every day commuting in crowded trains. But I still have to see the Japanese make a sorry face and step back when I say I have family in Italy (though I haven’t been there myself recently) as if it was some kind of virus hell with irresponsible people.

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Serena, how about joining your best buddy Meghan on Netflix business?

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Lamilly @ 5.13pm

What a ridiculous assumption. No-one is suggesting to stop living, merely having the foresight to acknowledge that there comes a time when engaging in different pursuits is more conducive to continuing a productive life.

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So when Djokovic loses a set than you insert a photo of him head down on the ground, devastated, but when Nadal loses a set, almost two, then he is a lion, fighting. Haha! Well I really hope that next photo of Djokovic will be him eating the Wimbledon grass. ;)

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