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Cubs beat Yankees to snap Tanaka's win streak at 34


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You had a good run, Ma kun. 34 pro wins in a row is nothing short of amazing.

The two put outs in a row at home plate off two consecutive bunts was something I've never witnessed before. That kind of memory will stay with me a lot longer than the outcome of the game.

The way it was raining in Chicago, it sure looked miserable to keep playing. There were times when it looked like half the Cubs fans ran for cover when the rain got bad, but I guess it wasn't sustained enough to call the entire game.

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Tough loss for Tanaka. But you won't win many games when your team only scores one run. I have little faith in Girardi's ability to put together a line up. I'm an Ellsbury fan but he's been in a slump for nearly 3 weeks now, give Ichiro a chance! And I agree, those 2 assists on the bunts were pretty amazing.

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Three runs and eight hits over six innings isn't what he was hoping for, but it's far from a bad outing. He's probably anxious to get to his next start.

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Sorry to see Ma-kun's streak come to an end, but pleased at the Yanks losing to the Cubs.

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did you guess actually believe Tanakas record would stay this way? This isn't JP ball its just a matter of time the bats will catch up to the balls just like the rest of pictures who have come and gone

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