Cycling body close to agreement on Tokyo Olympic venue move


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At what point does the original Olympic bid become such a lie that it is invalidated?

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How embarrassing for Japan. What happens if they're not ready?

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Since they are changing the logo, mind as well rename the Olympics to Kanto Olympics.

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A classic bait and switch operation by the Japanese. Promise a "compact" games with a futuristic roofed stadium, deliver a games spread out all over Japan with a main stadium almost exactly like the one from the 1960s they just demolished.

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Track cycling, mountain biking and BMX were originally set to be held in Tokyo, but organizers decided to move the venue to Izu — more than two hours from the host city by train — as part of a series of cost-cutting changes.

Wow. Hardly the "compact" Games Abe and the JOC promised the IOC. Nice "bait and switch".

“I don’t want to say too much more until we agree on the final details, but we will inevitably have to accept that there will be some changes to the venues and we are just making sure that we minimize any negative aspects of that,” he added in an interview on the sidelines of Olympic meetings in Washington last week.

In other words, the JOC said "take it or leave it", and the UCI is doing the best it can to make the best of a piss poor situation. I mean who the heck is going to invest four hours -- two hours each way -- to go see these events? Certainly not casual fans. Which is a real shame, since I have seen track cycling in person at the Olympics, and it is very exciting. And, mountain biking and BMX are two of the sports that appeal to a younger fan base.

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more than two hours from the host city by train

How far by bicycle?

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Let me offer a dissenting view: Izu is going to be a lot more picturesque than the overhyped artificial islands Tokyo Bay that seemingly every politician and television producer seems to worship.

I'd rather watch (and ride through, if I were a competitor) the greenery and clean breezes of the Izu area over what they had been planning. And there are plenty of fans in Kanagawa who will have an easier time getting there to see things. Let them spread things out a little -- the population of the Tokyo area is certainly spread out. This way the Chiba people will get to see things, the Saitamans will, and the Kanagawans will. Works for me.

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"How far by bicycle?"

140.5 kilometres to Shuzenji, so it would take all day, depending on your average speed... but certainly NOT recommended due to heavy traffic.

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