Daiki leads Kameda brothers into history books


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Nut job father but boxing is a nutty (sport?) well done boys!

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Why do the Kamedas only box in Japan? Ive never ever seen them box abroad.

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Kameda Tomoki, the youngest of the three brothers, won his bantam weight title in Sebu, Phillipines last month. For the record there were no Japanese judges.

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Watched the fight from the 7th onward and the 10th was the only round Kameda clearly won..warned for low blow and penalized for using the head,in addition to being chased around the ring for 80% of the time,the judges scorecards are astounding.

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randomman: Philipines? fair enough! Im not saying they are cheating, just find it odd that they almost never go to the states, europe or mexico to box.

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And what country did this take place in, pres tel? Have the Kamedas EVER boxed outside Japan?

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So one has a WBA title, another has a WBO title, and Daiki won an IBF title. Its an amazing acheivement that the 3 brothers have 3 world titles at the same time. But does anyone else think that boxing just has too many organisations / associations / federations and differing world titles???

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From what I saw, Guerrero clearly won the fight. Kameda fought well and had one nice attack spree. But Guerrero fought better and had many more attacks leaving Kameda dazed or on the defense.

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Hightlights can be seen on YouTube with at least three of the commenter saying that they saw the whole fight and were surprised, or worse, by the result. But all three judges have considerable experience.

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papigiulioSep. 04, 2013 - 08:14AM JST

Why do the Kamedas only box in Japan? Ive never ever seen them box abroad.

Get with the program, this is Japan and being big in Japan is the name of the game.

Underneath it all is that gnawing national inferiority complex that Japanese can`t make it on the big world sports stage, thus the near orgasmic announcements by the female morning news announcers every time a Japanese even touches a ball in the Premier or MLB.

Very tiring and thank God for the rise of China, where such SDC (Small Dick Complex) is non-existent in sport. The Chinese can and will mix it with the best, any time and any place. Let the Japanese continue to navel gaze, while the world gets on with the serious issue of international sports.

Only in Japan could the Kameda brothers be taken seriously, everyone else knows they are a joke to boxing.

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Dog: "Only in Japan could the Kameda brothers be taken seriously, everyone else knows they are a joke to boxing."

Exactly. What's worse is watching them tear up on variety shows, holding a picture of their dad, and asking the be allowed back in boxing, etc.

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Whilst some like to make these boxing title matches about the size of their swinging dicks or their views about Japanese television, if you have a bone to pick about the seriousness of these matches I would suggest you go and have it out with the IBF, WBA and WBO and why they favour the Japanese boxers.

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Tomoki has actually had more professional fights happen in Mexico than anywhere else. He trained there for years, the guy is legit. Hell, they even call him "el Mexicanito".

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Um ... did those of you who saw the fight on TV or in person, did notice in the 12th round where Daiki Kameda charged in like a bull and head-butted Guerrero not once but twice. This is a tatic these brothers use if they feel they are trailing on points, especially late in the fight. The second head butt put a hole in the hair line of Kameda's head ... but it didn't matter. The judges gave him the fight anyway.

In future fights the referee and ring judges had better be prepared to take notice of such illegal tactics. I think one of the brothers even won a fight on a head-butt in the final round, making it look like he hit his opponent with a gloved hand for the knockout ... with the head extended into his opponent's face.

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Blah blah blah... I'll give the brothers respect when they fight and win against someone worth a damn. Until then, all they do is pick thier own fights against weaker opponents.

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