Dane Laudrup linked to Japan soccer coach job


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Laudrup was a superb player and a bright man but very patchy as a manager - seemed to get worse as he went on. Hoddle could be interesting but I think the Japan side needs more than faith healers.

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Can we get an English speaking coach for a change if you're gonna go the gaijin route?And do a thorough background check this time.How hazukashii about that last choice.

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@Cracaphat I'd argue Laudrup was the best English speaker of all Premiership managers when he was there - native speakers included. Check his interviews conducted in English.

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I know about Laudrup.Didn't say native,just one who can speak English for a change!

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If he got sacked in the premier league, drop good

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As expected, in Japan no one in a position with enough power to take a decision is capable of learning from the past. Japan is per definition always right and never does anything wrong

Laudrup would be a fool to come to Japan for a year or two... 2.5 Million for a year and living in a country that is truly great to live in? Only if you have enough money that is, of course...

Soccer Japan needs to understand two things, its player simply are not better as this and the problem is not the coach Send japanese coaches to Europe and pay them to do internships at clubs that play real soccer, then come back and educate native coaches, then.....

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Laudrup leading Japan would be a great move. Great player he was, and with experience as a coach. But rumours say that many European clubs want to hire him.

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