Darvish donates $42,000 to Jackie Robinson Foundation


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Are the scholarships only for blacks?

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Hey Yu! Do you know how much you are being paid? Or are you just super cheap? Come on, do it again, and do it better. This is just so stupid, I can't believe it. Deliver.

Darvish, what will $42,000 do?

This is similar to that Japanese gold medalist (Sydney Olympics) marathon runner donating her used shoes to the kids in Fukushima. (did this actually happen?)

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Good on Yu!

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I'm a monkey - so if you make, let's say, only 1/100 of what Darvish makes, when have you donated 420 USD last time? If you make 1/1000 of him, when have you donated 42 USD last time?

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Ebisen, exactly. I really detest the whole "you make a lot of money so you should donate much more" argument. Some people fail to understand that Darvish has paid more money in taxes this year than most people will make in a lifetime.

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Darvish donated $42k because 42 is Jackie Robinson's number.

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Thank Yu !

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Aren't you able to lower your tax bill in the US by donating to charities? I really don't know much about it, someone enlighten me but I always thought that charitable donations in the states can lower your tax bill and that is why a lot of rich people give money to charity and then advertise the fact. It seems like a win win situation though.

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I'm a monkey: This is only one you know about...there could be more that he donates to or participates in.

Good move for Darvish...I only wish I this type of money to donate too.

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Whether he's a multi-trillionare or just a millionaire (his salary is 9.5 mil a year) giving 42K is a very nice gesture.

There's plenty of other stuff he could have bought with that, but he didn't.

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Bit harsh voting me down for asking a question. Better that you actually answer the question if you are able to.

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To answer a few questions:

The scholarships are offered to any minority high school grad [Black, Asian, Hispanic, etc]

Their biggest annual grant is $7,500, so Yu's $44k equals almost six maximum payouts.

In America, donations to non-profit charitable organizations are tax deductible if the itemized expense form is filed.

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Thank you Helen

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Based on race....., isn't that racist? I hope Darvish is not buying into the RGI.

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if darvish makes 9.5 million a year then 42,000 is about 0.0044% of his annal income, which is also tax deductable. if the average Japanese make 3.5million yen a year then there donation would be 15400yen. so 42000 may seem very generous to the average person but to someone like Darvish its just petty cash.

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Some of these post make me sick. Do your home work, Question @goyabento are you saying that the people he donated to are considered monkeys. Do you research the charity is for all ethnic races. ARe you anger by the fact that because he was born in Japan and the amount of money he gave should have been more and to people in Japan. Wait his money was made abroad regardless of where it was made and how much he donated its still for a good cause. My question to you if he gave the money to the Iranian Olympic team would they also be considered monkeys? You are only accepted when you achieve greatness being bi-racial in Japan had Yu not played baseball he would just be another Hafu not being able to donate one yen! I know this will get censored but its the truth!

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Are the scholarships only for blacks?

No, see

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I'm A Monkey Oct. 17, 2013 - 02:29PM JST Hey Yu! Do you know how much you are being paid? Or are you just super cheap? Come on, do it again, and do it better. This is just so stupid, I can't believe it. Deliver.

In 2011, while playing for the Japanese professional league, Darvish's salary was about $6 million a year. Yu donated about 10 percent of his salary ($600,000) to the Japanese Red Cross after the March 2011 earthquake and tsunami that triggered the nuclear disaster at the Fukushima nuclear plant.

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I can't believe some of the ridiculous comments made about the amount donated or it has to do with race etc. That is so silly. It's the thought that counts. Charitable donations are a direct reflection of your values and perspectives. Darvish donates the money because he is contributing to something he feels is important which is education. He also feels that helping other improves his self-worth in many ways. Once you've given something to a charity that you truly believe in, you feel good about it. The money in your pocket went towards a cause beyond what you can manage in your daily life. A cause that combined with the similar action of others can actually bring a change in lives of those that receive the scholarship. His charitable donate will have indirect benefits as well and so he truly feels it is the right thing to do with his money.

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Good to see more added to the Foundation. Jackie Robinson of UCLA was a terrific athlete who helped break the color barrier of an earlier era.

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