Darvish goes over 200Ks as Rangers rookie


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It's a good thing Darvish is pitching in the Major Leagues. The Rangers seem to be working to save his pitching arm by llimiting him to about 100 pitches a game. If he had remained in Japan, he would be tossing well over 100 pitches a game, probably going as high as 120-130. And doing such work is hard on the arm.

Hope his arm can last at least another 10 years ... with 200-plus strikeouts a year. That would put him on some kind of a plateau along with Ichiro Suzuki who got more than 200 hits a year for a decade.

By the way ... isn't that interesting wording in the article above? Darvish "removed" Peguero and then "removed" Robinson. Sounds like they were taken out of the game. Wouldn't something like "struck out" be a little better?

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Good on him, and very good for Japan as well. I hadn't noticed too much news about Darvish lately so I was afraid he might not be performing well. Glad to see he is.

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great pitching by Darvish but like Matsuzaka it will take a season for the batsmen too know his weaknesses and then youll find next season theyll be able to read and bat against him better

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The same goes for every other pitcher

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Darvish is great, i think his managers want him to do bad so Japanese look bad. Let him play more.

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