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Defiant Blatter re-elected wins FIFA president amid corruption storm


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Business as usual at FIFA.

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Which just goes to show you how deeply ingrained the corruption REALLY is at FIFA. It's rotten to the core.

Why kick out the guy who allows you to be on the take all the time?

What a complete disgrace. FIFA don't love football. They love the perks football gets them.

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Money talks and bull-Sepp walks.

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The mere fact that he was re-elected shows the depth of corruption in FIFA. I wonder how the IOC is doing, bet they're sweating too!

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I don't see much difference between Blatter and most elected politicians....

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Swiss police are also investigating the award of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups to Russia and Qatar which have also been surrounded by corruption allegations.

Hypocrites. The 2006 WC was tainted as well and they have left that out, oh well it was hosted by Germany a first world Western european nation. Sore losera. The whole charade is not about fighting corruption but settling scores for England and the US being overlooked for less fanciful countries. corruption should not be overlooked nor should the attempt to fight it be selective or used as a weapon of intimidation. They wanted to use it to scuttle this election and it backfired. The fact that Asia that Prince Ali speaks volumes, He Prince Ali that Europe, America, England and Australia support has been head of his association since he was about 20 years old, how different his he from Blatter who is accused of staying too long. FIFA is the most democratic org, the vote of Tonga weighs the same as that of England or Germany. and some folks don't like that the lesser nations have the same votes when their multinational companies are the ones filling FIFA's coffers. They feel they are entitled to be the ones calling the shots.

-3 ( +1 / -4 )

drlucifer - you call 2 human-rights violators like Russia and Qatar "less-fanciful countries"? Don't be silly. the reason why FIFA are being targeted now is because of their own arrogance. They haven't even attempted to hide their corruption for years now. The only shame here is that the US hasn't acted earlier.

the only sore losers here are supporters from certain countries where corruption is a way of life and a matter of fact.

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How can Asia and Africa - hardly soccer powerhouses - dictate to the rest of the football world that Blatter (a weak president if not as corrupt as the others) be re-elected for another four years? Beats me

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Fifa corruptocracy exercised either directly or through 'elected' representatives could always be relied upon to ensure Sepp 'I want to climb back up the hill' Blatter re-election.

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FIFA has more member states as the UN. Tiny tiny "nations" like Montserrat have the same number of votes like Germany or England. Those "nations" all depend on the money they get from FIFA. They will never vote against Blatter, because they know that would risk that money flow. I don't have anything against small countries, but the problem arises when those FIFA colonies combined have the mayority vote. That system can only be broken when Blatter gets arrested (let's hope). I would suggest, that Nations like England, USA, Canada, France, Germany etc. brake away from FIFA and start something new. Let FIFA have their "worldcup" without the big nations and see what will happens.

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No disrespect to our Canuck cousins, but I doubt Canada's leaving FIFA would ruffle too many feathers.

Ice hockey would be a different story.... : )

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They are all in this together. All are involve for offering Money without any reassurance where it going. This is just as bad as excepting the money. The World cup should be canceled and a new Competition over 2 years. Where the best 2 teams play a 5 match series and play the series alternative in their own Countries. Its take away the corruption cause of holding the world cup in one venue and no need for countries have a huge infrastructure planing and cost to accommodate the matches.

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I always look forward to a World Cup but by around the second week the cheating and poor refereeing begin to grate. This is magnified by the sheer number of matches, which devalues the others. African countries were given their chance, with wholehearted support from people like me who want to see football be enjoyed throughout the world, but they have failed to perform consistently. Asian countries could easily be limited to two. Meanwhile, European and South American powerhouses scrape through or fail altogether because their places are limited. And all this is totally due to FIFA corruption, and Blatter seeing that by pandering to these smaller countries he and his cronies can live high on the hog while even the premier football competition in the world goes to pot.

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fifa what cesspool!

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No disrespect to our Canuck cousins, but I doubt Canada's leaving FIFA would ruffle too many feathers.

luca - Its true Canada are minnows on the men's side, but the women team is pretty good and are hosting next week's World Cup. In any case, boycotting the cesspool FIFA has become would be huge

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What sport, is not corrupted by corrupt officials?

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No Blatter control

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The women's game is very different, agreed. But I doubt Blatter and co. pay it much more than lip-service. : (

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Hi Lucabrasi, Well in 2004 Sepp the chivalrous did contribute a few 'improvements' the women could adopt...

The President of 'everything' enthusiastically dribbled............

"Let the women play in more feminine clothes like they do in volleyball, they could, for example, have tighter shorts, female players are pretty, if you excuse me for saying so, and they already have some different rules to men - such as playing with a lighter ball, that decision was taken to create a more female aesthetic, so why not do it in fashion?"

........as you can imagine the women game is still thinking about it .....

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But Blatter’s rock bed support in Africa and Asia saw him through to a new term.

Does anyone know how Japan voted? If they voted for Blatter, they should be ashamed of themselves. The soccer world should be appalled by the fact that Blatter and Putin are best friends. I hope the 2018 and 2022 World Cups are unmitigated disasters. Then that will be Blatter's "legacy".

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all of this occurred on his watch, and at 5 terms, his incompetence is assured. I hope the companies that were threatening action decide to pull out of FIFA and just support local groups. When the toys are taken away then it can be rebuild again

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