Denmark to wear World Cup jerseys that protest host Qatar


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It is absolutely disgusting that the whole thing is being held in Qatar.

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Black armbands in all games is the least all teams can do.

A minute’s silence would be appropriate too.

I’m sure the Qatar authorities would like to pay their respects to the people who made this World Cup possible.

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Denmark will wear team jerseys at the World Cup that protest the human rights record of host nation Qatar, with a black option unveiled Wednesday to honor migrant workers who died during construction work for the tournament.

Denmark’s construction industry ..............

"Workers in the building and construction industry are nearly twice as likely to suffer from serious workplace accidents compared to other workers. While the number of workplace accidents is falling elsewhere, the construction sector is seeing an increase.

13 percent of all serious workplace accidents and one in five deaths happen within the construction industry, even though it employs just six percent of the Danish workforce. The number of accidents per worker has risen by six percent in four years, while the number of serious accidents are up by 45 percent.

Foreign workers worst hit..................................

The action plan highlights how foreign labour is particularly hard hit by workplace accidents within the construction industry."

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If they have any true grievance with Qatar's human rights abuses, they should boycott the tournament.

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Entirely agree. This is typical virtue signalling.

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If they have any true grievance with Qatar's human rights abuses, they should boycott the tournament

Fair argument.

One of the arguments against is why should the players and supporters suffer because of FIFA corruption.

My take is more cynical - there’s too much money at stake for a boycott.

Entirely agree. This is typical virtue signalling


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