Disgraced Clippers owner Sterling provokes fresh outrage

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Ms Stiviano went along with her recording equipment for good reason, she had been racially abused by Sterling already and she wanted the evidence not to come from her mouth, but from his. My only question is did he repeat some of the exact words she wanted to record, as it was obvious from the recording that she wanted him to spit it all out. The man on the street has had to learn not to be racially insultive, so how comes the message hasn't made it's way upstairs to some of the pillars of society. Instead of just apologizing taking his medicine and letting the matter leave the public domain Sterling seems, with his attitude that somehow it wasn't his fault and look elsewhere, to be dragging it out and keeping it on the boil, is he planning on becoming an advocate for "free speech" of the uncouth kind ? If he has any sense he'll have the matter dealt with before another great lobby awakes to it. He has racially abused this woman, Ms Stiviano, inside of their relationship, how long before the women's rights movement awakes to see this is not only a racial matter but one that concerns women of all shades in relationships where they must suffer varying levels of abuse without any support or anyone shining the light on it. Or will the international women's movement only react in Mrs Sterling's favor as her property rights are under attack.

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