Djokovic bothered by leg, heckler during Australian Open win; Murray wins at 4 a.m.


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Awesome effort by Andy Murray. What a supreme athlete he is.

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People paid to watch tennis, not listen to some pro-vax nutjob heckle his nonsense through a loudspeaker.

I guess Jokavic doesn't like paying the consequences for your decisions.

Remember freedom of speech protects you from prosecution from your speech. It doesn't absolve you from responsibility for your words and actions.

Jokavic can easily avoid this heckling by not going to Australia.

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‘The guy’s drunk out of his mind. ..’

a fan at Wimbledon last year sued Kyrgios for making a similar comment

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Djokovic again was the adult in the room.

A guy who dances around shirtless in a superspreader event in a packed club in the middle of a pandemic is an adult? Really?


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Brilliant fightback by Andy Murray...that's 11 times he's comeback to win from being 2 sets down - a record he holds alone. Okay, it doesn't make up for blowing 5 Aussie Open finals, but it shows that he's one hell of a fighter. As for Kokkinakis, a bit less time aping his moronic and offensive buddy Nick, and more time looking at the professionalism and fight of guys like Murray, Djoko, Nadal, etc. might turn him into a genuine contender.

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It makes sense that this is Djokovic's only health ailment.

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If every heckler is thrown out at a tennis match - half the stands would be empty!

There's always hecklers - Serena, Osaka, Tsitsipas, etc. They all have to face 'em

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