Djokovic could be barred from French Open by vaccine law


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Good for France. Hold your nerve, Pres. Macron, and exclude all non-vaccinated players. Lock Djokovic out!

Get ready for the usual suspects to start tantrum throwing and calling France a "Chinese tributary state", "totalitarian", "should have the Major taken off and them" and other laughable nonsense.

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This little piggy went to Australia, and this little piggy went to France, and this little piggy went weee, weee, weee!

Just get vaccinated already. I promise it'll help you much more than it'll hurt you. Please don't repeat in France what you've just done in Australia.

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The first athlete to be kicked out of tournaments for NOT taking drugs...

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At least Djovi will know he can go to Wimbledon as long as he takes a couple of PCR's after arriving.

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