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Djokovic finally wins French Open


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What a great champion!

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Even without winning here, Djokovic was already one of the greats for me. Needless to say, at 29 he could still go on to beat Federer's total number of grand slams and become a God Legend too.

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Once again, Murray just cannot beat Đoković when it really matters. Sure he beat him for a clay title recently, but when the Slams come, well, so close and yet not close enough.

I can't remember the last time a male tennis player was holding the title of the four grand slams at the same time. Well done for getting a Serena Slam!

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When he was a kid he said his dream was to become the best tennis player in the world. Probably many had this dream but for so many reasons, Đoković was destined to reach those incredible heights.

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Five more to equal Roger. He'd have to win all of the next five majors, an impossible double calendar grand slam. If he spaces them out he'll be well over 30 and unlikely to win. Check the stats, very few grand slam wins for players over 30.

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Well done Nole! Amazing player - and I think he is a big chance of nabbing the Fed's record if he stays fit. Both of them are freakish athletes who have dominated on every surface - and probably have surpassed the likes of Nadal, Emerson, Laver, and my favourite - Agassi.

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LOL, funny to see everyone's comments with a zero rating or worse. We're passionate about our tennis here at JT!

BigCeltic, yes but we are talking Novak Djokovic, not some other 29 year old.

Sure we can't rule out some injury troubles, but I think he can maintain his fitness (unless he keeps decapitating his ankles accidentally). And surpassing Federer will surely be something that he'll be aiming to achieve.

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fxgai: "Needless to say, at 29 he could still go on to beat Federer's total number of grand slams and become a God Legend too."

Exactly! And in his case the legend would be fully deserved. Another great win for Djokovic.

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