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Jude Bellingham's goal secures England a 1-0 win against Serbia at Euro 2024


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A good first win.

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Hats off to the Three Lions - in particular one of their superstars, youngster Jude Bellingham. The hungry Lions outclassed the Serbs all over the pitch, and had an incredibly mean-spirited defence - a quality that will no doubt worry strikers from all the other participating nations.

England fans dare to dream!

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Could this be the one? England looking strong. I'm feeling good about this tournament.

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I must have been watching a different game

England were very poor and slow

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I must have been watching a different game

England were very poor and slo

I thought they did okay. Opening games can be a bit cagey and tight.

Not a bad result against Serbia - a decent side.

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England were very poor and slow

I was half asleep but I thought England were poor with the ball. The main problem is Trippier is not a left back and this gives Foden no-one to combine with. England did nothing down the left all game.

Southgate has taken Mainoo and Wharton as inexperienced midfielders, but wouldn't take an inexperienced defender. If Shaw comes in and breaks down, it could limit how far England can go. Man City just won the league with Foden doing KDB's work for half the season. Its a waste to not utilize his talent.

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The Three Lions and their fans are roaring on German soil. Well played England.

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Second half won by Serbians for sure.

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Booooooring from Southgate's England team, but do really expect anything else ?

He has such a good squad, I'd like to enjoy watching my county's team, but I have exactly the same feeling every 2 years - we're not getting past the semis again. I'm calling it guys

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Are the fans celebrating a 1-0 victory blind or crazy? After losing to Iceland - with a population you could fit into Tokyo Dome - less than 2 weeks ago, and decades of WC disappointment, you would think that English fans would know better.

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