Alcaraz defeat clears way for Djokovic at Wimbledon as Federer eyes return


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Sinner/Alcaraz was an enjoyable match to watch - more rallies than is usual in men's tennis.

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Would be great to see Fed back for a wave goodbye at the Majors. Give him a wildcard so he can have his send off at each. Equal greatest tennis player of all time - along with Rafa!

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Novak Djokovic's path to a seventh Wimbledon title opened up on Sunday when Carlos Alcaraz was dumped out by Jannik Sinner 

So Sinner doesn't count

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I think they allude to the fact that Alcaraz has a higher ranking, and recently beat Djokovic. But indeed, at this level it is quite impossible to predict the outcome of any match. I don't think Sinner can beat a top form Djokovic, but Djoko is a bit rusty, so anything is possible.

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I think they allude to the fact that Alcaraz has a higher ranking, and recently beat Djokovic.

Yes, obviously pertains to that.

But that should only apply in a vacuum, not in this particular situation where Sinner already defeated Alcaraz.

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Upcoming Italian Sinner has the potential to go far in the Grand Slams. Alcaraz and Jannik look set to dominate Men's tennis circuit for years to come. All the best.

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Was given a ticket yesterday to Wimbledon Centre Court 100th event and watched three matches including Sinner/Alcarez and Djokovic/Tim VanR live.

Sinner was simply better all round than Alcarez on the day. Carlos was popular with the crowd but made too many unforced errors of the same type. Van Rijthoven was powerfully brilliant and shocked Djokovic by winning a set, but Novac was relentlessly more consistent.

Can anyone of these newcomers really challenge Novak? This week should be interesting.

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PS Motormouth Nick Kyrgios. Plays naturally talented effortless even genius tennis. Could well be the dark horse here.

(Doesn’t realize how much he winds up his opponents by his antics.)

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This was a great match.

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