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Djokovic into seventh French Open final as Alcaraz undone by cramps and tension


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I went to sleep during the second set, the match up to that point was unbelievable, crazy rallies and insane court coverage. I understand the mental pressure on Alcaraz, but getting so bad cramps after 2 hours of play, regardless how gruesome, at only 20 years old is worrysome.

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Also, Alcaraz has some history with cramping and injuries, for someone so young. Surprised his coach, former #1 and RG champ, hasn't worked on this more.

Seems great champions LOVE the pressure, true in all walks actually, Djoker's thriving in this historical pursuit, quite different than Nadal who seems rather tortured. Seems massive media hype & Anti Djoker hurt Alcaraz.

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Good point, but if you look at tennis tournament history, ratings based. Plus, recovery after slightly earlier HOT day session tougher than COOL night session.

It was rigged, seems obvious growing Anti Serbia related to their close historical Russian connection and genetic ancestors. Though nobody will say so, as Nole's more Russian than most Russians I expect!

Rather ridiculous to treat people based on such stereotypes, rather than their character. Who can change where they were born, who their relatives etc.

Glad Wimbledon abandoning discrimination this year, As all athletes ANTI War, only insane maniacs support War, tennis players very logical, especially professionals!

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From what I've heard, the half of the draw that includes the #1 seed is typically not given the late night time slots, to give them a slight reward in added recovery time before the next round.

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What I found so strange, WHY the TOP match played in the afternoon. Weird....clearly EU TV audience, media ratings, Ad money etc. would have preferred evening match, many more tennis fans in Europe than US etc.

Seems like RG was trying to tip the balance in Alcaraz's favor? Nole's known to do well in evening matches, only 2x he beat Nadal at RG - evening matches. Ironic, seems he managed heat far better, so it helped him in the end.

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Nice accurate analysis above, Djoker's performance yesterday and historically SPEAKS Loudly Indeed!

Find his willingness to share, his role model in general far greater than Nadal or Federer. They were too busy being Corp. Risk Mgmt. Experts vs. Truly Impactful = Nole

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And well done Alcaraz. Brilliant player already and a great future ahead indeed.

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Amazing work for Novak to make his way into another GS final.


The GOAT is in his way to more history making than he already has.

Wonderful time for tennis.

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Those first two sets certainly lived up to the lofty expectations for this match. What a fantastic, high-level display. Pity it couldn't last.

As boos and jeers rained down, Djokovic...

Anti-Novakism is ugly and childish. Booing him for taking a toilet break, while showering Alcaraz for doing the same not long after... And yet he is nothing but gracious in interviews, complimenting and thanking the fans. The man has nerves of steel.

The fourth-ranked Ruud has never won a set against Djokovic in four meetings

Onto the final, and perhaps unprecedented history for Nole.

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