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Djokovic out of U.S. Open after hitting line judge with ball


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Totally unintentional, but rules are rules. If you're pissed, slam the ball into the ground, not in the air, especially when you are not even looking where you are hitting the ball.

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I saw the replay - while I'm not a big fan of his at the moment, to me, it looked like a tap from the racquet. I'd hate to think what real injury he could have caused if he really did use force.

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He is better than Federer and most players as a human being. He is polite, easy going and a great human being and speaks his heart out without inhibitions.

The other top player who is also a great human being and a humble guy is Nadal.

Such accidents are unfortunate, and of course not at all excusable. However they do happen once in a while.

Shocking to see how some people jump to judgements without knowing enough.

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Pukey, then check Shopavalov's disqualification, that was a full force hit to empire's head...

Djokovic did not smack the ball, that was a very slow hit, but rules are rules. "Vile human being"??

And the "excruciating pain" of the line judge seemed very exaggerated (I was hit by many balls in my life), it seems that an American-style suing/million dollar settlement on the way?

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yes, this tournament being in America , I’m sure the line judge already has many a lawyer knocking on her door wanting to represent her.

Dont be surprised to see her Next wearing a neck brace

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t was unintentional but a very careless thing to do. Djokovic did something similar minutes ago and it was lucky he didn't hit anyone.

Not a surprise they kicked him out!!

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Hold your hands up, admit you lost the plot, be humble and accept the punishment. Offer a personal apology and mean it.

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I'd give him the benefit of the doubt. It looks like it's not intentional based on his actions after the hit. Unfortunate ending to his winning streak.


The most hated man in tennis should stick to his own Covid-spreading joke tournaments.

As the most downvoted person in this comment section you should keep your hands off your keyboard.

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I'm sure he didn't intend to inflict injury on anyone but the bottom line is you have to control your temper. A good decision to disqualify him.

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Crappy way to end a game, but the call was deserved, and he seems to have taken it well. I think, as well, he'll learn to check his anger a little better from now on. Hope the line judge is okay.

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"Love-all" is the call given by the officiating umpire at the start of the match. Win or lose, players need to try and maintain the spirit of the game on and off the court. All the best.

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Headline should read: Incompetent Line Judge Can't Catch--Djokovic Pays the Price.

It's not the line judges' job to handle balls - that's the ball-boys and ball-girls. Line judges never handle the balls - they're just there to watch the lines

And ya first look at them eye-to-eye to let them know what you're going to do (just like when you're driving, ya look at the other driver eye-to-eye to let each other know your intentions before doing anything)

And that's the player's responsibility to do that. Djokovic never looked at her eye-to-eye. It was an accident, not intentional, but rules are rules, and we have all paid for accidents we didn't intend. All tennis players know that when you hit a ball outside of play and hit someone, you take the chance that ya can be DQed

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Djokovic was pretty hot during the game, and he mistreated the ball just minutes before this accident. While an accident, such ball/racket abuse are not to be tolerated.

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Unfortunate incident, rules got broken so correct result.

The US Open and their fans are not Djokovic fans, even though he has achieved a phenomenal amount in the game. It was a bit harsh that 5 mins prior to the DQ he smashed a ball into the side hoardings but the umpire used discretion to NOT give him a warning. It’s very likely that without a warning the incident reoccurs (which the US Open should be well aware of). Normally, after warning the player and having it out with them, things calm down and move on and probably don’t end up in a DQ.

On the other side of the coin IMHO, it’s most common that players do not use their rackets to return balls, normally dropping balls to the ground, a low rolling tap or an aimed tap lob feed to the ball kids. No-look light racket hits are risky for DQs. At that point he has to take most of the consequences. Biggest one being losing the No 1 ranking to Rafa at the end of the season.

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She doesn't happy look at Djokovic in the picture in other news. It looks like I'll sue you.

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