Djokovic beats 13-time champion Nadal in French Open epic; faces Tsitsipas for title


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Waa!!! I'm so disappointed not to have watched the Djokovic/Nadal match. It was just on too late and I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer after Tstsipas/Zverev ended. Very, very happy for Nole, and I'll be cheering for him in the finals.

Tstsipas/Zverev wasn't that great of a match. They took turns playing pretty bad tennis during the first four sets, before a tense fifth set. It was mostly notable for Zverev's absolute meltdown toward the end of the 3rd. In fact I think he was correct about his complaint to the chair umpire, but he carried on in such an expletive-laden rant that served to make him look childish. He has such an inconsistent temperament to go along with an inconsistent game.

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I went to bed after the third set of Zverev-Tsitsipas (yes, I subscribed to wowow), partially because the level of play was not that high, obviously both players were tight and making many errors. Zverev is getting better, but still struggles a lot with the mental part; Tsitsipas also struggles with consistency under pressure, but he played a more varied game, and was more aggressive. They both still have a lot to mature if they want to catch with the great three. But I suspect that more cerebral young talents such as Sinner or Korda would surpass them in a few years.

And congrats Djoko, I just saw the highlights, unbelievable tennis.

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Go Tsistipas!!

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Go Tsistipas ?

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