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Djokovic top of the world after sinking Rune at ATP Finals

By Terence DALEY

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He appears to live the Life of a true Athlete, being ultra cautious over what he eats, drinks, and (most controversially) is injected with. It is great to see his own personal sacrifices pay off, as they rightly should for anyone who puts in so much dedication.

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A REAL tennis player and champion. I guess that's what you get when you haven't sold out and spend all your time making cup noodle and drink commercials. You focus on your talent and the game, and you do well.

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Greatest tennis player of all time and greatest athlete competing today. Much to the annoyance of many.

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A lot of Europeans are smashing racquets Fighto!, it is just different culture, we learned to release frustration like that, I understand that in Japan you are usually keeping this frustration inside, ok, your way. The more interesting thing for me today is that you finally embraced the fact that he is one of the greatest, this is a new day. And indeed, the MASTER.

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Wonderful! The people who cost him year(s) of his career over nothing should be ashamed of themselves.

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One of the greatest athletes to ever pick up a racquet.

Also a petulant tosser who throws regular tantrums - he smashed two racquets here.

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Brilliant player and Brilliant man.

Great to see a man of principles do well.

He is so healthy and fit and really cares about what he puts in his body.

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