Dodgers reach deal with Magic Johnson group


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Bad investment. Baseball is a dying sport.

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so even after the divorce payment

What divorce payment?

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^^^ McCourt and his wife were co-owners of the dodgers. then divorced. therefore she is entitled to half? or something like that. Go Magic!

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That`s a lotta money! Can they make any money out of this "business".

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tv deal will be worth billions! largest market in US. 'the Magic touch!'

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@salaryman: allow me to put this in the most polite, civil terms I can.... I most strenuously disagree with your statement, and consider it to have been derived from no actual facts. I will refrain from calling into question your intelligence or ancestry.

@tooheysnew: you bet they can make money out of this business. Ticket sales, licensing, TV rights, parking, stadium concessions, the list goes on. In spite of what some posters here have to say, baseball is enjoying great ticket sales and popularity in all markets. The Florida Marlins used to struggle to get fans in the seats, but their new stadium will solve that problem this year. The Tampa Bay Rays are one of the few teams that really struggle with attendance, mostly because of their crappy domed stadium. But even they are getting by.

It's a crime that McCourt is getting out of this with a profit. Everything he did with the Dodgers was a disaster. Good luck to Magic et al.

Watch out for my Phillies and the Rangers in October!

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Ironically, only such a huge mess that a screw-up like McCourt could lead to an open-bid process in MLB resulting in a hundred-millions profit windfall, even after paying the $150 million divorce settlement to his wife. And he still gets to keep the parking lot land and its revenues. Not a bad $430 million 8-year investment........

Magic has no choice BUT to be working hard as the franchise's new face man because they just overpaid by at least $600 million, and he just signed a huge check of that!

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@salaryman "bad investment"? Well, if that is what you call teams' values doubling in the midst of the American economic crisis (that includes small market teams like the Milwaukee Brewers), then let us know what you consider a good investment.

@JohnBecker--the October classic is starting to bleed over into November. Shorten the regular season--150 games sounds about right, especially if Selig and MLB are going to let even more teams into the playoffs as reported.

@lostrune2--that is bizarre that McCourt got to keep the parking lot. And one VIP parking spot reserved for the ex-wife?

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