Dole develops world's first edible wearable device for Tokyo Marathon


Dole Japan has been sponsoring the Tokyo Marathon, a world class event featuring the cream of the crop as well as regular entrants, since 2008. The company has developed a "wearable banana" for this year's race on Feb 22.

About 30,000 people will participate, and two runners will wear the edible device.

The "wearable banana" is no ordinary banana. It is the world's first edible wearable device and is the runner's ideal partner to finish the race. The device monitors race time, heart rate, shows Twitter messages urging runners on, and guides the runner on the best places to consume bananas at the 4 check points (22 km, 27 km, 32 km, and 38 km). The wearable banana can also be eaten once the race is finished.

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It's not really an edible wearable with all that circuitry in it now is it? Couldn't they just make a small wrist strap that displayed that information and have the banana separate? If this was in the US I'm sure someone would try eating the circuitry and then suing for false advertising.

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Nothing my Timex Ironman watch cannot do. As for eating bananas during the race, I think I would throw up. Just watch your hydration and electrolytes and blood sugar levels and keep an eye on the cute girl in the pink shorts in front of you and you will do well.

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This is totally bananas.

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"Are you wearing a banana or are you just happy to see me?"

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Yeah, why wouldn't you want to eat something strapped to your sweaty body after running 42 kilometers in any possible weather? Great idea, Dole!

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Chrichton had it right about the cute girl in front - it worked for me in Biei last year.

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Would you really want to eat it after sweating on it for hours?

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