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Dortmund brings Kagawa back from Man United


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Is the fee the salary for Kagawa or is it what the club gets? So does Bundesliga pay M. United $10.5M to get Kagawa back or is this what Kagawa gets from the club?

The transfer fee goes to the selling club. Kagawa's new salary with Dortmund is a separate matter, and what he would have received in salary from Man U is no longer relevant.

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I'm a little ignorant to football terminology. Is the fee the salary for Kagawa or is it what the club gets? So does Bundesliga pay M. United $10.5M to get Kagawa back or is this what Kagawa gets from the club? I never understood this.

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rather than a club going to be relegated

Oh do grow up.

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I think this is actually a good move for Kagawa considering the dire straits Manchester United is in nowadays (have you seen Man U this season so far? Just awful).

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makes sense to go back to a big club. good move to a champions lge club rather than a club going to be relegated .

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He's been a victim of United's bizarre transfer policy over the last few years. Kagawa, Rooney and Mata are all suited to the same position. Once Mata signed it was effectively over for Kagawa at United. The Mata transfer is one of the strangest ever, as it meant they were always going to be desperate to offload Kagawa and make a loss on him.

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He was unlucky with the timing - he played under 3 managers ( 4 if you count Giggs ). It hasn't been a stable period for Man U with different ways of playing and massive buying of attacking players to try to get them back into the top 4. Difficult to say if he could have been a success in England with more game time and more stability at the club but I think he's a good player.

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For anyone who says he shouldn't have made the move, I think that is a pretty unrealistic appraisal of the situation. The greatest manager in football history calls you and says he wants you to join the biggest club in the world. What sort of ambitious or football loving person would say no to an opportunity like that?

The guy will forever have the knowledge he played on the biggest stage of club football, and has a Premier League winners medal to show for it. First Japanese player to ever win the Premier League, that's a thing that will be in the history books beside his name forever.

Full credit to him for taking the opportunity of a lifetime even if it didn't result in outstanding success over a longterm period.

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That's unfortunate, I thought he worked fairly well with Evra, but now he's gone plus Di Maria is in, there's no real position for him

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Sad to see him go although I agree that it's probably the best thing for him. Still can't help feeling that it could have turned out better for him had Moyes played him more last season and afforded him more chances to prove himself.

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You're talking like a fascist eugenicist. There's no reason why a Japanese player can't flourish in the premier league. Race/ nationality is irrelevant.

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Japanese players shouldn't go to the Premier League. It's too physical for them, and there are so many players who are FAR better than they are, so unless they are AMAZING, or playing at a weaker team. They have no chance. They should stick to the German leagues. Even Honda would be destroyed in the EPL.

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Glad to see him go back and I hope he can get his career back on track.

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Incredibly sad to see him go. He is such a fantastic player. But the system United play ensured he could not have much impact. Hopefully he will enjoy great success with Dortmund.

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He should never have gone to Man U ... should have stayed here and become more established before that kind of high pressure move...

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Good business for Dortmund too - a nice $10M profit

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Good for him, good move.

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