Dortmund reaches Champions League final despite loss to Madrid


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Too little, too late from Madrid. Although I must admit, at one time I thought it was likely they might pull it off. Excellent defensive work by Hummels and Bender. Also, there was a lot of wasteful finishing from both sides, especially Lewandowski, considering his performance in the first leg.

PS: Sergio Ramos is a disgrace as a footballer. Looks more intent on picking a fight with Lewandowski than contributing to his team's chances. Committed so many dirty fouls, he should have been sent off.

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Thanks again Cuneyt Cakir you crooked SOB. I hope your pay-off was worth it. This should have been a Manchester United - Borussia Dortmund semi-final.

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Good game to watch. Dortmund deserved it over the 2 legs. I'm just wondering what particular conspiracy theory will be at work if we have 2 German sides in the final. Or perhaps the fiendish workings of UEFA, secret societies and gambling circles will ensure that doesn't happen. Watch out for polonium.

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I really hope Dortmund get over the line. Modern football is dominated by the big teams with money, who simply buy all the best players. Madrid, Barcelona the two worst culprits.

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