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Eddie Jones denies betraying Australian rugby after taking charge of Japan for 2nd time


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Jones's tenure with the Wallabies was far worse than most expected.

Through this year's season, the team was always in Jones's shadow and at the end his scrappy relationship with the media was cliched and out of step with the results.

However, he's a free agent and as a professional coach, he has the right to find a new role, and I think it suits the Australian union, too.

Best of luck to the Japanese team and Edward Jones.

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Have on more than one occasion come across Japanese professionals who read Eddy's book on leadership and told me it was an absolute game-changer, life-changing and even one guy who said it changed his whole mindset on what a team should look like.

Whatever the snarky comments or opinions of this bloke are, he does seem to have something that resonates with Japanese culture, and being part Japanese himself he will be a welcomed return to Japanese rugby. Onya Eddy. Rock on champ. You win some you lose some, such is the very nature of sport and life!

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A sad day for Japan and Japanese rugby. Isn't integrity and honesty something highly valued in Japan? This guy has none.

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He's 100% committed - till he gets a better offer.

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If obvious none of the above know Eddie Jones history with the Wallabys. When he first coach them he was hounded out of the job by a Media personality Alan Jones. Alan Jones a gay who got caught touching up a cop in a London public toilet. The cop arrested him only to get fired because of this elite Gay had reach and pull. Once the Aussie Prime Minister speech writer. The way the ARU treated Eddie Jones was a disgrass because Alan Jone was spinning BS everyday in his News Paper column bringing unwanted Publicity to the ARU. So Eddie Jones got offered the Japan coach Job again and gave the ARU the middle finger. What go around comes around.

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The way the ARU treated Eddie Jones was a disgrass


Jones was sacked by Rugby Australia as a result of a post-Cup performance review. His team won 2 out of 9 games, and put up the worst Wallaby performance in World Cup history. Players had lost all confidence in him.

Your version of the truth would make a fiction writer blush.

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Like I said don't know the history plus can't read. I was referring to his 2001 Stint. He coached the Wallaby's twice I know my English is bad but with your ability at get it so wrong so constantly is Hilarious.

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Give the Guy a break.

Just like a School Teacher - if you rate them upon their class performance, then that sort of sucks... you can't really teach Idiots to be Einstein's, though you can teach them skills that will help them in future.

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Additionally, given a team of Einstein's .. that work seamlessly together, then you have a World class threat to the Championship title.

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