Empty Japan stadiums could soon hear the sound of app-lause


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Jeers and cheers but no

The app needs an upgrade!

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Well that’s good. It’ll allow the people to be interactive with their sports, even if they can’t be there. And I wonder if they’ll implement this where I live in the US, that would be great!

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If we could use this app during the Diet session, then we would be talking...

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We just had a Rugby League football game here in Australia with no crowd, they added in some SFX of was cheesy and some people hated it .... it might work with Soccer but most think that adding canned laughter and applause should be reserved for game shows ... and the likes. No crowd means you can hear the referee and calls from the players ... I reccon thats gold ! But in Japan fans sending in their cheers they recorded ... well I guess you have hikari speeds on internet but what quality will recordings be ? and of course you'll end up horsing around with your phone longer than actually enjoying watching the game ..

Ive been to Rugby games in Tokyo , when a kicker is attempting a goal conversion you could hear a pin drop ..

theres noone shouting out LOLLI LEGS !!! Good on ya Yamaha for putting it together but I dont think I would enjoy that ... Diet sessions ...yeah bring it on , I would enjoy shout ing out at them !

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