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England dumped out of Rugby World Cup by Australia


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Well done to both Australia and Wales. A bit embarrassing for England. Still not sure why all 3 of these teams ended up in the same pool, though. Made things tough, but that's the luck of the draw.

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Time to call the AA,looks like the wheels have fallen of their sweet chariot.

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This group of death came about just because there are 9 pretty good teams and only eight QF spots.

NZ and Argentina France and Ireland South Africa and Scotland (maybe Japan with some luck) ... leaving these three teams in the 'group of death'

Would think the English would beat the Scots though.

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What a cracker of a game, and as an Aussie quite a buzz. If Japan beats the US by 30 points there's a chance of a Wallabies-Japan quarterfinal. Jones against Cheika. An interesting possibility

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They brought a busted chariot to a tank battle.

Danny Cipriani said not a single player from Australia's squad would be picked to play for England. Well Danny this Aussie says read em' & weep (I was going to say something else but I don't think it would have made it past the censors).

I didnt think the Wallabies looked all that great going into this game & England were horrid so I would not be jumping to conclusions about Australia's chances going further into the RWC. For mine I really like the look of Ireland, they've been clinical so far in their pool.

At any rate I'm celebrating this mornings win. Well done Wallabies!

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The wallabies - if they are destined to go far in world cups - tend to peak further in the tournament. I am not getting my hopes up - but I am being cautiously optimistic. They did a demolition job on England, one that has certainly erased the disappointment of 1995, 2003, and 2007

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I didn't believe the Wallabies had what it took to win a crunch match like this. The game against Uruguay was just about the worst performance of any team ever to win by such a large margin, so sloppy, thoughtless and undisciplined.

They really got their act together this morning, given us a lot more belief!

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Somehow I knew that game would be Australia's. I'm still getting over their amazing performance

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What a performance, so proud of the Wallabies! That goes a long way in vengeance for that anti-climatic downer drop goal back in 2003

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Absolutely. Prince Harry watched the final in 2003, and he was present to see the Wallabies' revenge in 2015

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a beautiful, beautiful day for all rugby fans!

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