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England beats Japan 52-13 in rugby test


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Fantastic performance from England. Was lucky enough to get tickets through work and London is only a short flight from Copenhagen.

Japan were absolutely no match for the powerful English pack, and on this evidence will be lucky to get out of the group at next year's world cup. England could have quite easily scored another 20 or 30 points and were in cruise control for almost all of the second half.

Men against boys. The brave blossoms weren't very brave, and I have to say, the Japanese fans I met were a little cocky in and around the stadium. Which is very much unlike the wonderful fans I met at the world cup in Japan.

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Excellent win for England.

Think Japan was a little over confident after their performance against New Zealand a couple of weeks ago.

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Think Japan was a little over confident after their performance against New Zealand a couple of weeks ago.

Exactly, and that’s why I was so disappointed with the ABs. I know the changes were forced for different reasons, but Japan basically lost to a second tier ABs team and I think it almost shows disrespect from NZR and ABs management to put that team up. Had Japan played the same ABs that thrashed Wales last week things would have looked much different and would have been a better indicator for Japan’s upcoming games.

Japan is a good team, but they need to play against good teams to keep in the game long term, otherwise we’re going to see them drop the level back more than a decade and it’s not good for the game in Japan.

Thank you England for showing that more is needed.

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Japan aren't a good team, I'm afraid @Haa a Nemui.

They aren't a bad team, but too many cloggers in there. Would be nice to see more Japanese players in the Japan team also....

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I disagree Zizi. They are as good as any team in the northern hemisphere with the exception of maybe England and France. They wouldn’t beat the current Ireland team, but I’m still of the impression that it remains to be seen if Ireland can hold current form for very long. I hope they do because I really like the Irish.

However, I’m talking overall, and not current form. On current form I agree, Japan has a lot of work to do.

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Keep fighting Japan !!..

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Japan were blown away by an England team that didn't even have to get out of second gear.

You love to see it!

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I think they'd make a good inclusion into the Rugby Championship. It's done wonders for Argentina.

Hmm, it's a good idea, but why diminish the quality of the Rugby Championship by adding Japan?

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Really disappointing performance by the Brave Blossoms to get blown away by 40-odd points. Yes - it is the superstar English team, at their fortress Twickenham, with the old master EJ calling the shots - but Japan should be running them closer than that, being a Tier 1 nation now.

I honestly believed The Miracle of Twickenham was a 50-50 chance.

At least the Brave Blossoms nabbed a late try to make the scoreline more respectable.

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Well Japan tried, but rather gulf in quality was embarrassing.

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Japan are not a tier 1 nation. The home world cup flattered them especially after being able to train together for a whole year. The change in residency rules to 5 years will hurt Japan's recruitment of foreign "mercenary" players. Sorry "blossoms" but you have peaked, a good tier two team making an interesting opposition but that's your lot.

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Wouldn't it be great to have more than four teams capable of winning the World Cup? Although "World Rugby" won't allow that to be a southern team until some more of the northern teams have their names on the trophy.

Argentina are a realistic shot at winning a WC, whether or not World Rugby "allows it". Genius Michael Chieka has them flying. It may take the Brave Blossoms a couple more WCs to have a realistic chance, on the other hand.

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I'd like to see a world cup where the top 10 teams play each other in a league.

NZ, SA, England, France, Aus, Wales, Ireland, Argentina plus have Japan, Georgia, Samoa and Fiji etc play a preliminary to qualify.

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I'd like to see a world cup where the top 10 teams play each other in a league.

I quite like the idea but the current formats of six nations and rugby championship might lose some of their shine if that happened. But yeah it would be interesting.

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Not if they can't even beat Wales.

They can beat the All Blacks in NZ, England at Twickenham. Definitely not flukes. Inconsistent -yes - but a top team and a contender for a WC.

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Argentina are greatly improved but only beat top tier teams when they are playing very poorly. England, NZ and France playing at their best are just too good for Argentina at their best. But at the rate of improvement maybe in 10 years the Pumas will be there.

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Anywhere online where I can watch the match for free ?

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a wee bit different to playing NZ's 2nd streamers after a 6-week layoff.

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