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England the team to beat as Lions tour looms over Six Nations


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Thanks for the rugby coverage JT. Much appreciated. I predict Eddies charges are going to find staying champions harder than becoming champions. Personally I would like to see France re emerge as a power in European rugby, anyone really that can shut up those "swing low" cry baby Poms.

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Nice pep talk from EJ to all contenders. Don't see the Italians as much of a threat though (anyone in the top 10 can beat SA these days).

Reckon the French are a potential banana skin for England in game 1 but I disagree with EJ, don't think Spedding is the fb the French need. Far too one dimensional imo. Hope the Scots, Welsh and French get a few pom/irish scalps, don't want these 2 to get too cocky.

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It looks like Jsports isn`t showing 6N. Anyone know anywhere we can watch it on TV in Japan? I know I could always stream it.

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England has a lot of guys out with injury. Ireland favourites to take their 3rd title in 4 years.

The English have struggled in the 6 Nations. Since the 2003 World Cup, they've won the 6 Nations twice. France, Wales and Ireland have won more championships in that time.

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@multitasker, seems it's on wowow live.

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Thanks, Goldorak! Of course I don`t have WOWOW, but now I know.

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