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England's Premier League sells China TV rights for around $700 mil


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Disgusting the amount of money being thrown around just to televise football matches. It's no wonder the national game is in such a state. I wonder how much of the money will be reinvested in grassroots football in England to nuture homegrown talent and improve the lot of the national team? Very little I imagine. No doubt transfer fees and wages will continue to shoot up and encourage more and more foreign mercenaries to play and manage in the Premier League. Top flight football is almost unrecognisable from when I used to stand on the terraces as a boy for 3 quid 50 a game.

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700 million for China doesn't sound like much. I suspect 10-20 years from now, China will probably have to start shelling out about 10-15 billion for a 3 season package

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around $700 mil

That's nearly 600 million quid these days. Hurrah for cheaper exports!

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So we will get even more early kick offs to please East Asia, already some La liga games start around 12pm. In 5-10 years time we could well see a couple ucl matches per round played on Wednesday arvo who knows.

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@goldorak: That would be a legendary change, the current kickoffs, even Saturday lunch starts are a permanent glass ceiling to how big the leagues could get here in Asia

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Agree dcog. No doubt soon enough regular season Epl or ucl games will be played in Asia, most probably China.

Apac definitely the place to be then, thank you china!

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Just shows you that the EPL is the most entertaining & in demand league in the world. All the other leagues are one or two horse races, which equals boring - ho hum. Now off to watch Arsenal beat Man Utd.

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