English FA condemns 'insulting' fan chants at Germany game


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That kind of "insulting" attitude is called "beggars living on the past" in my country. As soon as some English guys recently told me about their proud phrase "two world wars and one world cup" (referring to World Wars I, II, and the 1966 FIFA World Cup in England) in relation to Germany, I realized a kind of inferiority complex hidden inside some or many English people. But that can't be helped anyway, since, in reality, England today is overall technologically and economically inferior to Germany. Their ONCE best car brands, Roll Royce and Bentley, are now owned by the Germans; while they were the earliest developers of trains in the 19th century, Germany, together with France - oh another England's old foe, is now the best maker of high-tech trains in Europe, etc.... Well, the silver lining is at least the English can still console themselves that they are world's best exporter of English teachers! But wait a minute. I am not sure if the Americans agree with me on this last point here.

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I realized a kind of inferiority complex

Im not sure it is, to be honest. I think it is ignorance, pure and simple. These (I hope minority of) England supporters are just ignorant of everything you said. They still think the UK produces quality consumer engineering. Its the same people who think the abandoned factories are suddenly going to startup again, after brexit, and start producing unicorns and fairy dust to make the country "great again."

I personally stopped following English football after seeing a group of cockneys try and rouse the crowd in Old Trafford to sing this witless tune during the England traveling days in the early 2000's. My faith wasnt completely lost as most people around them just ignored them.

Here are some pertinent lyrics from the 70's:

**There's no future in England's dreaming

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People in England resort to politics when losing in sport.

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