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English soccer clubs 'invade' U.S. for pre-season matches


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Don't think so, NOT this time. Soccer is definitely growing and by the next generation it will hopefully surpass or at least be up there with Baseball and the other sports. People over 40 they're hopeless, but the people under 40 now that is very, very promising news and the next generation after that, if it keeps going this rate, soccer will most surely become a household game. wish them all the best!

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Good to see but if football really does take off in the US and the Premiership is popular there, make sure the games played there remain pre-season only. I've heard the ridiculous idea of playing Premier League games outside England and Wales floated before. America has the potential to be a footballing superpower and I'd love to see it.

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Good news for soccer all around, and it is indeed growing in the US, and the national team getting better and better.

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go where the money is.

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It used to be an occasion for me to see a La Liga or Serie A or Bundesliga or Premiership match here in the States. Now I get to see 4 Premier League games every weekend. I'm still not a fan of Major League Soccer, maybe that will change.

People over 40 they're hopeless...

bass4funk, I can barely see 40 in my rear view mirror. Anyone can appreciate great sport.

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Good luck, but a hard sell.

The US soccer bandwagon fans have long ago gotten off.

Soon we'll be seeing baseball playoffs, then football, and then basketball again.

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perhaps the players of 20th ranked England can get some tips from the players of 15th ranked USA?

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Soccer will only get more popular in the US due to the open gates from people from south of the US borders coming to America

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