Premier League looks to stop future Super League threat


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The EPL clubs need to move to the German model with fans owning 50+1 % of the club shares.

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You can’t punish an idea that wasn’t carried out,” FIGC president Gabriele Gravina said.

I agree with that, but it's crucial now to put measures in place that will prevent any further insurrections by making it just not worthwhile for clubs, players, or owners. Fan Power won the day this time, but this Super League idea is like coronavirus, it's still out there festering in the fever dreams of greedy manipulators and it won't be eradicated overnight. Strike against it now, while the issue is still hot in everyone's memories.

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You can’t punish an idea that wasn’t carried out,” FIGC president Gabriele Gravina said.

I agree with that

I don’t. They signed letters of intent. This was more than a piss-up on one of these vulture’s yachts.

They need to be disciplined. Harshly disciplined. They showed a total disrespect for the game.

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Can't agree, Jimizo. Take the harsh punishment road now and imo you increase the risk of entrenching alienation and having more splinter moves down the track. You're also punishing players, coaches and most importantly, the very fans whose opposition forced these geezers to sound the retreat. It's not the way to go.

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As the above report said, it's the people at the top that need to be dealt with and not the club itself. The PL bods realise this and I hope they are able to find some viable solutions that will make each club owner think long and hard about trying this again in the future.

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