Euro 2020 final: Where Italy and England can win or lose


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And if all fails someone can point a laser at Donnarumma's eyes to bring it home.

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I feel nervous for the Italian community in England. Days ago, a little German girl was cyberbullied without mercy after being pictured crying. Then Danes were verbally and physically abused. A family on the bus were attacked, the American father in the Danish family was hit, and their 9-year old buy ran up to the upper deck in fear - all minding their own business after watching their team lose to England. A whole group of drunken hooligans had crowded around the bus. Absolutely disgraceful - I can't imagine what would happen if England loses to Italy.

As one Dane said, You've won already, what more do you want?

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England were lucky against Denmark, and the amount of diving by their players was a bit embarrassing. Italy are the first real quality team they've come up against and even home advantage won't stop them going down 3-1. You heard it here first!

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Pukey2, the events you describe are quite sick. But to be fair, the media in England hasn't tried to paint over it. Regarding the young German girl, Gary Lineker described it as, "Absolutely disgusting. Sickening xenophobia." And a guy from Wales raised some money for the girl to show that her "not everyone in the UK is horrible". He raised £36,000 which the girl's family has donated to Unicef. Let's hope more is done to end this kind of thing. The video below of the Portuguese kid consoling a French fan at the last tournament is a good reminder of the better things.

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Will Wembley be a full arena for the event?

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It's coming home! England will be champions of Europe post brexit. So many salty globalist loving, subservient craving, Facebook profile picture euro flag virtuous soy boys will be crying salty tears on their wife's bulls shoulders.

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Grungy emotions before and excitement for the game of the proven by time.

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As a Londoner I say may the best team win! All me fingers and toes crossed when we beat Denmark London erupted from what my mates back home told me! Let’s go fxxxxx mental let’s go fxxxxx mental la la la!

I do hope if we lose we all take it on the chin. No taking it out on Italian restaurants etc.

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If a butterfly in the Amazonian rainforest flaps its wings, is that enough contact for Raheem Sterling to go down in the penalty box?

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England were lucky against Denmark, and the amount of diving by their players was a bit embarrassing. Italy are the first real quality team they've come up against

Italy's diving against Belgium was embarrassing enough it even made news

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If England fans boo the Italian anthem as expected, and chant rubbish about a war long ago, they are doing their very good team an injustice. Why cant sections of English fans get over this behaviour, and show respect? Theres a real ugly and angry streak among some of them.

As for the game, England have a great defense, extremely mean on the opposition strikers only conceding 1 goal. Best goalie since the great David Seaman. And a great forward in Harry Kane, one of the worlds best.

But I'm tipping the superior class of the Italians to prevail in extra time. 2-1.

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England typically lose when they face their first quality side in a tournament. A well below par Germany makes that Italy.

Italy are good at attacking quickly on the break and pressing players on the ball, which is where England were weak v. Denmark. England panic if pressed, are a bit slow and often clumsy in defensive tackles. For whatever reason, neither Ukraine nor Denmark really exploited this. Italy will.

If Italy go a goal up, their defence turns into a force field controlled by Chiellini. They can kill the game in the last 20 minutes with tactical fouls and writhing on the ground. You get fouled, turn round to see an Italian on the floor squealing, and the ref gives them a free kick. VAR doesn't cover this.

England do have serious strength in depth, mostly going forwards. But after the 'penalty' against Denmark, they may have used up all of their luck. Southgate does have flaws - he likes defending a bit too much when most of his quality players are attackers, and sticks with his favourite players, even if they aren't playing well, for too long, delaying substitutes.

The game needs a good ref and a competent VAR ref. World peace and an end to the pandemic would also be good.

Fans at away games in Europe, club or tournament, do get attacked and some have been killed in recent years. Brexit-fuelled xenophobia + alcohol are a toxic combination and there is likely to be trouble. You really won't need to worry about 'cyber-bullying' - there will be plenty of the real thing.

Italian fans need to stay together, stay near the police and maybe change into civvies as soon as they can after the match. Don't get drunk - you will be more likely to provoke trouble and less able to protect yourselves.

The internet attributes to Orwell the phrase 'International football is the continuation of war by other means', and he basically wrote the manual for the society we now live in. Italian restaurants and pizza takeaways might want to board up the windows for the night. Anyone who even looks a bit Southern European might want to be even more careful than they have been since the Brexit campaigning began. Advise folk who know nothing about football not to wear Italian colours by accident or suggest they skip going out on Sunday night.

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Three lions appear to be in safe hands. Gareth Southgate is blessed with riches in plenty. English football is no more the traditional kick and run stuff. International footballers from Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America have raised the standard of football in England. Football managers from Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Argentina, and elsewhere have introduced new techniques and tactics in the English game. Fans will look forward to exciting times when England take on the hugely talented Italians.

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