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Europa League: Arsenal out, Man United advances


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The ultimate embarrassment - being beaten at home by a Greek side

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tooheys, if you're a Gooner I empathise. If not, I wonder who you support. Olympiakos were a Champions League team this season and are top of their league. Ajax, Champions League wonders last season, are also out beaten by Getafe.

Arteta is still the man for the job. Aubameyang concentrates too much on gold Lambourghinis and goal celebrations, instead of his job of putting balls in the net. We've had trouble since Kroenke took over. Mismanaged Wenger's departure and Emery was a mistake. Give Arteta time and it will be fine.

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Yes, I’m a Gooner,

& it’s been a difficult few years for us

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Tiger, you’ve made some good points.

i would’ve liked to have seen Usmanov become the major shareholder & see if he delivered on his promises

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tooheys, I travelled from Japan to Azerbaijan to see us lose 4-1 to Chelski. Kroenke didn't even bother attending his team participate in a European final.

We have suffered from being a well run private club owned by a supporter family, to a shareholding that can be bought by rich investors with no background in football.

Wenger was fortunate to work with the likes of Hill-Wood and Dein. Arteta has to work for the owners' son (American with no football background).

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Well said Tiger - totally agree

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Wow, Man United actually looked really good for once.

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