European giants struggle for form as World Cup looms


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Maybe, just maybe, there is a great chance for one or two of the 6 Asian teams to pounce, and make a good run in their backyard. Obviously no-one has played in Qatar anywhere near as much as Asian teams.

Very hard to rule out Seleção Canarinho and their rivals La Albiceleste. Messi has never been hungrier to hoist the cup, in what will surely be his last chance saloon. I think the European teams will struggle in the conditions.

Fans the world over licking their lips in anticipation!

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South American team will win the World Cup in Qatar!

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"We're playing and have been playing some top-level sides and we will be better for that," said Southgate.

But unable to beat single one of them. I'm picking we will have a WC winner this year who has never one before. That or Messi and Argentina may do it. I do not see a Euro team winning although I think Denmark and Hungary may surprise a few.

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I'm rooting for Messi! (and Japan of course)

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although I think Denmark and Hungary may surprise a few.

Hungary will certainly surprise a few if they even turn up, seeing as they didn't qualify.

I'm going for Brazil, they are in top nick and Neymar looks like someone has slapped some sense into him.

Hard to see a European team winning it. France have all sorts of injury issues, Belgium aren't lucky enough, England can't beat good teams and Spain are't quite there yet.

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“ But reigning European champions Italy have failed even to qualify for Qatar, while there are doubts over the chances of England, France, Germany and Spain. “

Poorly written article; are we talking about the size of the countries or the quality of their national teams?

Portugal (by far), Belgium, Holland and maybe even Denmark and Croatia are all better than England now; and they’d all have good chances of beating Germany, Spain and France, which means that we can see them go pretty far in this year’s WC, maybe even win the tournament; so why not write their names?

Also, what this article doesn’t mention is that friendlies and Nations League games are completely different from WC games.

The Europeans still dominate because there’s only two teams that can rival them: Brazil and Argentina. 2, out of 160 (!)


European nations have won every World Cup since Brazil lifted the last of their five titles in Japan and South Korea in 2002.

Europe has supplied 13 of the 16 semifinalists at the past four World Cups, with Italy, Spain, Germany and France coming out on top.

( my money is on Brazil but the thing is: if they lose, there’s Argentina and then there’s four, five, six European teams that can win it )

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Tho South America have never won a World Cup outside South America

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^^ Nah, the above is obviously wrong, lol

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