Ex-Man Utd star Giggs admits to lifelong infidelity in court testimony


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. Men are always treated guilty until proven innocent.

Gigs was an outstanding and world class player on the field. In fact he was a model of discipline who never got sent off even once. He was not a thug.

I dont like the fact that he cheated but it is not a criminal offense. Nor does it mean that he did what she is claiming he did either. Moral judgments don't equate to criminal guilt. She was manipulating him to leave his wife and had her own record of cheating herself. Sounds like a definate case of double moral standards. Looks like she was always bitter, and still is bitter that she was not able to continue to manipulate Giggs like she did other men, so she's going after hm in court for revenge. A farce of a case, brought by a gold digger, as was the Rooney case.

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Big deal!!! Almost all men dream / fantasize of cheating on their partners but most don’t get the chance to act on this! That’s why they watch porn or use their hands to take care of their desires themselves. Some have the mental strength to avoid infidelity but they never get a chance to hook up with super hot women that Giggs probably hooked up with! I shall not be the one to judge him on this…enough said!

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Giggs - dirty little thug on the field, grub off it. Always has been.

Giggs said he "may have caught her and her sister".

May have "accidentally caught them" with your fist and headbutt. Kiss your management career goodbye, little coward.

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