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F1 chief Ecclestone ends bribery trial with $100 mil payment


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Title should be renamed 'F1 chief Ecclestone ends bribery trial with $100 mil bribe'

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Exactly, all he has done is bribe those people with more money, the whole circus is a joke, and the amount of money is just petty cash to people like Ecclestone.

Why not charge him with bribery, convict him then sentence him to imprisonment if he is guilty of it ?

One system for the rich and another for everyone else.

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The best verdict that he could buy! But what price for real justice?

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Bernie has bribed German court $ 100 millions for get out of his $ 44 millions bribery trial. Next bribery trial will be German Court judge.

Bernie has proved money can buy most of things.

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1 law for the rich and another for the poor.

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Why is he acting like 100Mil is not a lot of money? That's insane!

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